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Do you have any tips for meeting with my lawyer to file Bankruptcy? related questions

  • 1Do you have any tips for meeting with my lawyer to file Bankruptcy?

    I do not know if it will be a Chapter 7 or 13. I am very depressed about this situation , I had perfect credit all my life until a few months ago when my lender I threw the change without justifiable reason and put me directly in foreclosure : ( I have to take my income info etc. . 'm Confused because I wanted to start my lender sue for not doing my loan and BK disqualifies get a modification , but otherwise barred from the auction house . anyway , if you have any tips or questions to ask please let me know . Also , my mom said in the title of your home a few years ago , when she asked me to refinance your loan to my name and I had excellent credit . It's actually home , I'm just technically it until one day your credit is good enough to refinance your name and then she hands me the title . Does that seem to have assets and affect the BK ?

  • 2Does anyone have tips also for filing for bankruptcy?

    I have a lot of debt , because he was injured while attending college and the amount incurred substantial debt as 30K . Any help ?

  • 3My husband fired his lawyer and now he refuses to come off my husbands file for the new lawyer?

    my husband signed papers in the beginning that stated that the lawyer doesnt get paid until my husband gets paid,its a workmans comp case,he was injured at work and fell 30 foot off a house in sept.of last year(he broke all his ribs,bruised all his internal oragans and is lucky to be alive),he was hanging a tress and the crane operater hung the tress wrong and the tress broke from the hook and the tress hit the wall my husband was standing on and it flung him and he landed on his back,the old attorney basicly wasnt doing anything for our case besides sitting on his butt, my husband hasnt even had any surgeries and may now be considered disabled,all because the longer he waits the more damage is being done to his body,if any one knows any information on finding out what the heck to do that would be great

  • 4I need to file bankruptcy. Which lawyer should I use?

    I have to declare bankruptcy . Which lawyer should I use ?

  • 5How can i file bankruptcy without a lawyer?

    i have been searching to find out more about do it yourself bankruptcy...but i feel like all the sites out there is full of it. if you have any POSITIVE experience with any of these sites...please answer here

  • 6Can I file bankruptcy without a lawyer?

    I'm drowning in financial difficulties, and am thinking of filing personal bankruptcy , but I've seen the fees that lawyers charge for me to do that, and I can not allow that. I can submit ? Without having to pay a lawyer ?

  • 7I have a bankruptcy meeting next week?

    I had a phone consultation and the attorney, he asked my total debts and assets I told him with my medical and credit cards i have about 15k in debt. He talked to me for a while about my house and cars and stuff and decided a Chapter 7 would be best. However when I got home and looked at all my bills I was actually 23k in debts. I have not called him back yet, we have a meeting for him to go over all my bills and start paperwork next week. Does this significant change in the amount of my debts affect my bankruptcy or ability to file chapter 7 ?

  • 8Do you need a lawyer to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    Also - can you take your car if it is their only means of transportation to and from work ? I do not owe anything on the car - it's really all I have , and not worth much . I live in Mass and my income is below the poverty line.

  • 9I am trying to file chapter 9 bankruptcy does anyone know how I can do this without a lawyer?

    I can not afford a lawyer , but I have to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy . I need information about filing without an attorney and details on what type of debt can be included in a chapter 9 claim?

  • 10Can you file for a lawsuit against a bankruptcy lawyer?

    My parents started the bankruptcy process years, February 2009 ! We moved across the country and only my mom had a job lined up . My father was unemployed for over 16 months and accumulated debt . They decided they declare bankruptcy and hope to have some credit established by the time I went to college , so I could get student loans. Well , the lawyer lost all his paperwork twice! He has been avoiding phone calls and just not really doing any work. Well, my dad got a job in August 2010 and since admission were twice that they were not able to file for Chapter 7 or something to forgive much of its debt . Now he is still dragging your *** and get nothing done , he was paid in advance and my parents basically screwed over! Now the university is virtually impossible to pay and possibly have to leave next year and get a job to pay my own way . We're good people , we got into a bad place and then screwed by a bankruptcy lawyer who gave us the hope of getting out of a difficult situation money wise . Instead my parents have more debt , nothing is done , and the terrible credit ! My mother is convinced that there is no such thing as the ability to sue a lawyer , it is not moral or spam but I know something has to be something we can do! This is the lawyer who hired : < / a>

  • 11Can i file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in WA without a lawyer?

    I have not paid the $ 1,900 and is a simple bankruptcy creditor wonder if I can do it myself and just pay the state fee of $ 299 ?

  • 12Can I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a lawyer?

    I was wondering if I could file for Chapter 7 without a lawyer . If so , what are the costs?