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Can you ride a motorcyle off the lot without insurance in the state of California? related questions

  • 1Can you ride a motorcyle off the lot without insurance in the state of California?

    I am originally from Florida, there it is a crime to drive any vehicle off a lot without insurance. My boyfriend bought a motorcycle here in California and they never mentioned anything to him about it. He was involved in an accident shortly after purchasing the bike and he did not have insurance, can we go after the dealership for not making it a requirement? If of course it's the law in California?

  • 2What happened to the Test Track ride in Disneyland California?

    I remember riding Test Track at Disneyland when I was a kid . I wonder what happened to the ride ? He was taken out or closed ? Was there an accident on the trip as Space Mountain and Roger Rabbit Test Track did close ?

  • 3How necessary is uninsured and underinsured motorcyle insurance? Many questions. What about passengers?

    I know I'm going to own bodily and property insurance. That helps me pay for myself and others if I choose to do it and I 'm guilty . - Uninsured insurance is used when someone else is at fault but has no insurance to pay their medical expenses . This has nothing to do with the payment of vehicle damage . - Insufficient insurance is used when someone else is at fault, but does not have enough insurance to pay all medical expenses . This has nothing to do with the payment of vehicle damage . - Health insurance will pay after the vehicle for which you have health insurance . - If I drive to the passengers , and perticipate in an accident in which the other person's fault , passengers must use the other person's insurance as well as any. Is this correct ? If the person does not have insurance, then the passenger's health insurance kicks in ? Or can my uninsured sure shot ? I know that my insurance uninsured shook , but I'm not sure how it works with passengers . In addition , insurance is uninsured rarely needed ? If the other person is driving without insurance , are breaking the law , right? How does the amount of insurance coverage ( $ 15,000 / person and up to $ 30,000, $ 25.00 / person up to $ 50,000, etc. ) to compare the actual costs of expences when you or someone else is to blame ? I mean , $ 15,000 is a lot, and it certainly makes a difference , but how much do I really need in everyday situations ? Thank you very much for helping me understand any of this!

  • 4My brother in law die on a motorcycle and now my sitter is finking it up to ride do u think she shod ride it??

    My brother died in a motorcycle and now my nanny finking do u think Shood mount ?


    My girlfriend crashed my car last Saturday. The insurance company is the total vehicle because repairs are more than the value of the vehicle . My girlfriend and I are no longer together and she refuses to pay for any damages. What are my rights ? What I can do?

  • 6Can the State of California file 4 bankruptcy?

  • 7Labor law? Can they force resignation due to an injury in the state of California?

    Sorry this is kind of long but i'm confused, please help with advise thanks I have question about a labor laws in CA I am at a new job just under 3 months. I got in a car accident but felt fine for a few days and then yesterday I was in bad pain so I went to the dr before work. They said they needed to get out my old ex rays to see the change. I said I had to work so could I come back on my lunch. At work I asked my supervisor what time would be best for her for me to take my lunch because I wanted to go to a dr and they needed to know what time to expect me. She said early would be better for her, I said ok. On my way to lunch I said ok I am going to my appointment. She said ok well I just need to let you know that I already checked with HR and if the dr says you need more than 3 days of we have to let you go. I said wow that is crazy I hope I dont need days off but I have to make sure I take care of myself. Well I went and the dr said it was worse than he thought and wanted me to see another Dr out of town and take off about a week, I called work and told the news. boss said well can you just bring in your resignation letter now? I said well I can't really drive right now(thy gave me some meds and told me to go rest my back). They said well please bring the dr note with your resignation by 530, I said can you just lay me off so I can at least get unemployment? She said no because this is not a lay off. I said I love my job I dont want to quit. She said well if you resign then you are can be re hired. I said if they lay me off I could be rehired. She said no this will be better for you because I checked you can get disability. I was like Ok what ever. The dr said only a week. I called some numbers in town to find out what to do but no one was available to talk to me today, to see if this is legal it sounds like they are trying to force me to quit so they dont have to pay for anything. Do you know if this is legal? Why would they want me to quit so fast I am good at my job I use to manage a department like mine but we went out of business so I took a pay cut and a lower position doing something I have a lot of experience in and I get along with all the staff members any advice would be appreciated

  • 8In the state of California what is the typical cost to file chapter 7?

    How much does it cost to file for chapter 7 cost ? I have seen adds for $ 200 , which is typical or more or less? * Please , only answers relevant to the question . For any of the negative comments , there are other places that can be expressed . Thanks :)

  • 9Three California cities (<300,000 pop) now bankrupt in this economy. But which Blue state major city is next?

    No red state cities in trouble .. but blue state cities are struggling . It's happening . San Bernardino Ca filed Chapter 9 last night.

  • 10In California, while on state assistance, cash aid and food stamps, can I home school my children?

    I have tried to reach my worker about this, but they never call me back. School starts this Monday and I really need to know asap! I know the laws are different in different states. Has anybody had this experience before? Thank you so much!

  • 11Should the law be changed so that cyclists need insurance to ride on the roads?

    If you are driving a car and damage a cyclist's bike (and it's your fault) the cyclist can claim from your vehicle insurance. But when a cyclist is at fault and causes an accident you cannot claim from the cyclists insurance because he doesn't have any, is that morally right? We are all using the road should we not all have insurance whether it's car, bus or bicycle?

  • 12Car motorcyle accident?