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QFather in law living with us in small Apt. What to do?

So here is the story

My father in law has been living with us for about 25 days now. He is filing for bankruptcy after a lifetime of bad financial decisions and waiting for the proceedings to go through. Recently my in laws sold their apt in New York and bought a house in Florida for my husband's 36 year old brother, wife and kid. My husbands bro is basically a loser and is the only 36 year old man I know who has never ever made a mortgage payment and will never have to. (this makes me very angry because the inlaws were supposed to keep some of the money from the apt sale to supplement their retirement- instead they spent it all and some savings on the loser brother)

Anyway my father in law had a fight with the loser son and now refuses to go to FL to stay with in the big house he bought him. Instead he is staying with us in our 600 sqft apt and its driving me crazy. I am a student and had a very stressful semester and just want to regroup and relax this summer. I want to get healthy and make some lifestyle changes that i want to follow through with in the fall. BUT now I have absolutely no privacy. I can;t make the health food i want, I cant listen to music and dance around in the house we cant even have sex properly because of the size of the apt and I am so frustrated. I am basically stuck in our bedroom the whole day just counting the days till his court date.

Now it seems as if the date could be pushed back again and i just CANT DO IT ANYMORE! Worst of all my husband whom I thought was concerned about me is apparently having difficulty deciding what to do. I told him to speak to his father and tell him to make up with the loser brother so he can go stay in FL and not in our tiny apt. but now he's like if you ask me to do this I will remember it forever. ( WTF am I supposed to do) I have done nothing worng. I;m frugal, I dont spend much money, I dont go out with my friends I'm a good girl and I take care of him. Now I am feeling so betrayed. I dont know what to do. Please help.


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Father in law living with us in small Apt. What to do?

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