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Why are car tires black? related questions

  • 1Why are car tires black?

    Could there be colored car tires?

  • 2How much will insurance pay for month old tires and brakes?

    I was in an accident after the car insurance considered in addition . I had replaced all four tires and the rear brakes on the car back within a month. The claims adjuster said to include 50% of the value of the tires and brakes in the payment of the claim. Is this practice normal? I do not expect to be reimbursed the exact dollar amount for the parties , but 50 % seemed a random value . I was hoping that pro -rate using a formula .

  • 3What is the movie Women in Black about?

    I was thinking of going to see it but everyones saying it is too scary? What is the film actually about and what are the scary bits if you could answer that. Thanks in advance

  • 4What omens are associated with Black Crows?

    Can omen of bad luck ? It all started about a year ago , the IRS decided that I owed ​​them $ 7,000 , then my identity was stolen and ruined my credit , and then I got into two car accidents . The first was a little further on Halloween . The damage wold have been negligible if the other car had a giant hook in the back of his truck ( bad luck ) . It broke my front and it cost 3700, the exact amount of cash that had deposited a week earlier to fix it. just dropped my insurance collision about a month earlier ( bad luck ) . Black Friday entered the mall parking lot and realize the hundreds of crows throughout the lot . When he opened the door of my tent , situtated under an overhang about 10 feet deep , I turned and there was a flock of crows around 20 barelling down the hall , under the eaves , which almost knocked me down. They were chasing a seagull that had a crust . Two days later I was in another car accident . No one was injured , but my car is destroyed , after being only repaired.Any thoughts ?

  • 5Does a black eye from a punch look different than one from an accident?

    Do you have a black eye from a different view of a punch from an accident ?

  • 6What Does A Speed Sign With A Black Circle Instead Of A Red One Mean?

  • 7Black boxes being mandatory in cars?

    I heard the police and insurance companies can see the data. Does that mean that I can check to see if reason is accelerating or something? I really do not want to have to sit doing 65 on the highway .

  • 8How do i deal with the drug dealing black neighbors?

    OK I'm a very, very white . I have a daughter and her father lives in the same street . you enter here and back several times a week . There must pass this house that has many black men living selling drugs . My ex - husband easily antagonized by this man . came out of my house right now and I heard a car braking aloud , so he ran to make sure everything was okay . one of the guys in a car nearly caused an accident . I called my father's daughter to make sure they are okay. He is scared and says he believes one of the guys has a gun . they were in the past that house block and one of the many men yelling at him and my son

  • 9Why do police officers put black tape on their badges?

    I live in PG County, MD , and a week ago an officer killed in the line of duty . His funeral is scheduled for today , and today I've noticed a lot of black tape officers in their badges and their squad cars . Is this done in memory of a fallen officer ? Or is it for another reason ?

  • 10Why do doctors make it big deal is it a black thing?

  • 11Black Friday where should i shop at for good pays?

    Help me !

  • 12How to Survive this Black Hole of Divorce, Mortgage, Debt?

    I'm so sorry . At this point , I will listen to anyone . Brief : 1) Divorced - adding former home refinance nearly $ 90K , the legal battle of how and why this could happen , but nothing can be done to change your current mortgage or debt payments 2) have the house I'm living on $ 75K inspected structural failure ' discovered , confirmed structural engineer , builder tried to sue , but not in business, has appraisals , addressed real estatee agents , wrote