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QCan a company legally get away with this?

The company I work has an really unreasonable set of rules in our employee handbook. It came to light last week that it is not enforced unilaterally across the company either. The front office area does not follow the "demerit system" for attendance while the data processing and call center areas have fired several employees over the past several months for reaching the "maximum" points allowed for calling in sick or being late for work. There is no grace period for being late...including things out of your control such being in a car accident. They even gave one of the employees a demerit for leaving work early...she had a heart attack at work and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. My employer states that the line "manager's discretion" saves their butt but I don't believe it does. Is what they are doing legal?


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Can a company legally get away with this?

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