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QHELP!!! -- Can I Shield Assets From a Chapter 7 Bankruptsy?

My wife and I are currently faced with having to file chapter 7 bankruptsy in the state of Georgia. Most of the assets that need to be shielded are financial. We don't have a traditional 401k, but my wife has a Voluntary Investment Plan, which is basically stocks in the company she worked for prior to losing her job. She also has severance pay coming to her as well as a bonus check to be paid next year. In addition to this, we typically get a good portion of money back each year on our tax returns from mortgage interest, etc.

Does anybody know if it's possible to shield some or all of these assets from bankruptsy trustees, or had any experience doing so?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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HELP!!! -- Can I Shield Assets From a Chapter 7 Bankruptsy?

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