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QHow do i fight this crazy man?

my father is a psychopath who abused me terribly, he beat me and caused me health problems. i got into a life threatening accident and almost died so i went home to recover, meanwhile when i was recovering and seeing doctors i found out i have life threatening heart problems. because i got many tests and it was picked up.

i can barely walk and suffer excruciating pains daily, 24 hours a day. i cannot work. but i used to attend college

my father beat me 4 months after the accident , making the injuries worse

and the stupid cops in my area wouldnt believe me even when i showed them bruises

my father went to court against me to gain legal control over me, since i could not walk. he told the courts im mentally retarded and severely mentally ill.

so they gave him legal control over me with no proof. obviousely there is none, since i dont qualify for it

i didnt have a lawyer and was stuck in bed clinging onto life

now he makes medical decisions for me and took my money but he dosnt even know what medical problems i have. and he dosnt care, he lies and does not talk to me.

he still threatens me and curses at me daily and tries to control me

im a 25 yr old female and trying to care for my health and see doctors. i have nothing to do with my father, he dosnt help me with anything or talk to me.

he just screams and curses and tries to stop me from helping myself

he tells me to die and makes fun of me

he says no ones going to believe me, he has threatened to kill me

he says if i leave his home and dont come back for a day or two he will have the cops get me and lock me in an institution at his request

anyways i think he knows the judge from the court, so he did my father a favor, its very clear that im not mentally retarded and any mental health expert i saw said im not mentally ill

so he has no right to do this, i need my money and need to leave without being threatened with being put away

what do i do

i have no money for a lawyer since he took my money


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How do i fight this crazy man?

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