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QNation claims helpline-ha no win no fee its a joke?

i recently had a car accident and was directed by my insurance company to follow up claim-to make it look legitimate.All i was interested in was getting my shoulder mended. I contacted the national claims helpline who sent an advisor quickly and stated as i had photographic evidence it was an open and shut case. They allocated walker smith way in Chester to my case and they sent me off to see a Dr on Rodney street in Liverpool. Thinking everything was going according to plan, co-operating with every request and keeping in contact via e:mail(on my part), i suddenly received a letter stating 1.that they would no longer represented me as i had requested someone else to do so-it was an error but they did not write to ask if info correct or not 2. they had shut case 3. and now the other side were disputing case! i contacted them immediately-they didn't take my call. After a week of attempting to contact them,some one explained that case closed end of-ive now no solicitor!is this right?


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Nation claims helpline-ha no win no fee its a joke?

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