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QCan Maxwell Ford Total My Truck and Get Away With It?

I took my Ford truck to Maxwell Ford (South Austin,TX) for a front brake job. 5 days later, they hand me the keys and said that my truck was ready. Within 15 minutes of driving off the dealership, the brakes lock, a lot of black smoke started seeping and the tires caught on fire which almost caused a multiple car accident, injury or death! A good samaritan/witness who is a Maxwell Ford employee contacted me stating that the truck fell off the lift while servicing it and the frame was bent out of shape. The impact was so hard that it knocked the battery out of the motor and even cracked their concrete floor. The truck was rushed to their body shop to patch the damage. Jim Ramsey, the Service Manager, deliberately did not notify me of this incident. In addition to the brakes and fire damage, my gas tank and oil filters have been punctured. Now, they are trying to fire our witness! What started as a brake problem resulted in a totaled car! Don't trust them, spread the word!


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Can Maxwell Ford Total My Truck and Get Away With It?

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