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QWhat really happened with South Africa?

I remember the last years of the white ("Apartheid") government in South Africa; the US and UK were leading an international boycott and massive pressure campaign against the South African leaders, calling for them to step down and let the ANC (black revolutionaries) take over.

I didn't pay terribly close attention at the time, but I do remember reading one stunning fact... that black South Africans were not trying to escape South Africa... on the contrary, many blacks from other African countries were trying to get INTO South Africa, while still under the Apartheid system, because conditions were much better in SA than in their own countries ruled by black leaders. So that was interesting.

Over the years I've heard over and over again that South Africa has the worst violent crime rates in the world, and that, just for example, people are afraid to stop at red lights at night time, because car jacking is so common that people think it's safer to just drive right through a red light and break the law and take a chance of a horrible accident (car jacking = criminal approaches your car, points gun at your face, orders you out of your car, maybe shoots you anyway, and then drives off with your car).

And just recently I heard on the radio here in the US that black people in South Africa are worse off today than they were under the Apartheid government. And it got me thinking - wasn't the whole point of the handover to black leadership to improve the lives of black South Africans?

I guess not. So what was the real reason? I know South Africa was originally a Dutch colony, which the British took over, and then somehow became an independent country ruled by Dutch South Africans.

My theory is that the British wanted to regain control of South African gold and diamond mines, so they made a deal with the ANC and pressured the Apartheid government to step down (in the name of "human rights", but actually for economic reasons). I'm guessing that somehow British companies got the upper hand in SA after the ANC took over.

Am I right? Can anyone shed light on this?

PLEASE don't answer unless you really know the situation. Thank you.


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What really happened with South Africa?

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