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Legal question: My father was terminated from his employement today. Do you think he has recourse? related questions

  • 1Legal question: My father was terminated from his employement today. Do you think he has recourse?

    One of the items listed against him was that his house did not meet city codes. This was given told to him in a write up several months ago, as well as, city codes violations being issued to him (he worked for the city.) Over the past several months he did the upgrades needed to meet city codes at great financial strain, they fine you if the work isn't done in x number of days. Anyways, after meeting the city codes they now proceeded to terminated him today. He was an employee of over 20 years. Serving as the director of his department. We know that the real reason behind the termination was personal, however, that would be hard to prove. So staying with the termination itself, can you be terminated for the condition of your personal property and/or the financial state that you are in. I know you cannot be terminated for filing bankruptcy. So can you be fired for being poor?

  • 2Chapter 7 Bankrupcy - A school I have a loan for closed today. What recourse do I have for recovery?

    I learned today that my flight academy has closed operations and filed for protection under Chapter 7. I must find out from my lender how much they paid and if they paid the full loan to the school. In the event my lender has paid out more than I have used to date, what recourse do I have against the school since it has filed for court protection?

  • 3Lazy attorney charged me for therapy, not legal advice. Do I have any recourse?

    My first attorney drew up divorce papers (just a standard form, I assume since her paralegal created them). I was terribly frightened of my emotionally abusive husband, so I filed no-contact orders myself (after giving up on my attorney to do anything about it), plus my things are locked up in the house since we left with practically nothing. She told me there was nothing I could do about it, but a friend told me that this was a fallacy and poor attorneys are not aware that abandonment does not mean you can't have personal items asap. This attorney is now charging me $1,000. Most of these were from phone calls which I made to her, but she spent the time telling me things like "you really need counselling for what you've been through" (no duh). I would tell her I sought her for legal advice only, and that I was currently seeing a therapist for personal advice. I told her this on more than one occasion, and finally fired her, explaining exactly why.

  • 4Is it legal to have a three some with my father and my wife?

    My father has been dating my wife for 3 years now and has recently taken a keen interest in myself as well. I want to advance our relationship and have a three some but don't want to get in trouble. Are there certain guidelines where I won't get into trouble for engaging with my father and my wife?

  • 5Father died back in September and I have a question about his mortgage loan &personal question.....?

    My father died in September and the bank called in the loan that was in the house because he owed much more to note what the house / property is worth .... One of my questions is my half sister that my father left half of the house is claiming his lawyer told him that by law the bank has to keep sure my father was the first time I originally took out the loan to pay the loan if he died even if he does not pay fees (which he did - my brother had to force him into bankruptcy a decade ago to pay what was behind it otherwise would have lost the house), because it is said ACT since banks began to make mortgage loans in late 1940 / early 1950. Then she said her lawyer said that since my father was an old man when the original loan was with Washington Mutual, that his being an older person also makes it LAW that banks must carry insurance to pay the mortgage even if lost payments. Then you think of another story that his lawyer had said that when Obama new mortgage laws implemented, also left the law for banks that made home loans for senior citizens must pay for the insurance on the loan, even if payments and have lost even die during the term of the loan or if you have a loan modification is in the works or even if you die while the house is in foreclosure and has not been sold yet. My brothther (the other person my dad left the house) is done with the house and wants nothing to do with the house and we are both in the process of finding a new home before moving to the bank sends the 30 days notice to vacate the house. My sister at first was going to move to another house with her boyfriend, but now due to his lawyer (which I think is paying a very bad advice and I do not know anything about mortgage laws in Texas), said that no move out because the house is paid because (according to his lawyer), and if the bank (CHASE WASHINGTON MUTUAL now since merged with them) do not have to

  • 6The legal environment of today?

    The Legal Environment of Today? Three months ago, Janet Hart’s husband of twenty years died of cancer. Although he had medical insurance, he left Janet with outstanding medical bills of more than $50,000. Janet earns $1,700 per month. In addition, since her husband’s death she receives $1,500 in Social Security benefits and $1,100 per month in life insurance proceeds which leave her with a monthly income of $4,300. After she pays the monthly mortgage payment of $1,500 and the monthly amounts due on her other debts, Ms. Hart barely has enough left over to buy groceries for her family (she has two teenage daughters at home). Ms. Hart decides to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, hoping for a fresh start. Under the bankruptcy code after the 2005 act, what must Janet do prior to filing a petition for relief under chapter 7? How much time does Janet have after filing the bankruptcy petition to submit the required schedules? What happens if Janet does not meet the deadline?

  • 7Probably the only question from me today.?

    Recently, my beloved baseball team filed for bankruptcy . So my question is, first, how many have NHL filed for Chapter 11? I know that the Penguins have done it twice . Also, what exactly happens to a hockey team , once it passes ? I know what happens to people , but not much organization . BQ * Finish the sentence : I am part nerd because ...............

  • 8Can someone in banking or finance please see my question posted today?

    Please find the question I asked in Personal Finance today and help if you are really in the financial business and not just looking for another refi

  • 9Terminated from work due to car accident disabled, need surgery?

    I was a passenger in a car accident. We were hit by drunk driver admitted to falling asleep after I reached at home. Received banknotes. I do not know why but I left him unable to work. I was out for 3 months post concussion because I hit my head on the glass and right shoulder after an accident. I went back to try to work, made a light duty work, after a while that was not available to me (the police) that was basically said it was a security risk. I went to the doctor because I was still in so much pain, but he assured me that it was the strain. I went to orthopedic DR. They sent me to get Mri.I have to take surgery due to an injury or tear insert something. Meanwhile, due to my head injury have my breast milk production. Nobody can know what is exactly wrong. I had brain scans and shows that I have a cyst on the brain and an enlarged vessel on the right side, where I hit my head. Neuro I never saw because it seemed that the more I can find Dr. more. I have a lawyer because I fired from his job for not being fit for service. My question is should I be worried about the financial future of our family. My attorney sent a demand letter, but I do not know how much they are demanding. Should I tell? I'm worried. I hate going to the draft resolution and the insurance company own independent medical examiner said it will never be able to do what I was doing before.I have faith n God and I am praying for healing. I can not have surgery because I need seven blood transfusion for medical clearance. I refuse to do dollars.What that.not one million is a reasonable amount I should be compensated. I use to make $ 50,000 a year and increases every year.I was supposed to pay me 10 years.Are what I would do? Anyone thoughts?

  • 10Terminated from work due to car accident disabled, need surgery?

  • 11What recourse do I have?

    I was driving a friend 's car and was involved in a car accident . The driver of the other car sped off and I could not get his badge number . Now my friend refuses to file a claim with your insurance. She gave some excuses that I said that I would not submit at all costs. My partner will act only as secondary insurance . I want to do the right thing , but I do not think it's fair to pay out of pocket when it is not insurance . What I can do?

  • 12Is my 401k money protected when filing bankruptcy chapter 7, when terminated as well?

    My previous employer sent me my 401k and is asking to distribute the money elsewhere . I read the only option is an IRA and a Roth IRA , which is rosy , however , is my money safe there? Who are my options for calling invest my plan?