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QHow can someone be anti-gun?

I don't understand how someone can be anti-gun, what is their thought process?

1.)It can't be based off of accidental deaths, because there are far more deaths from other accidents, such as vehicles. If one were concerned with accidents, they would be anti-car, so that is ruled out as making no sense.

2.)It can't be based off of guns killing people, because people who are killers, kill regardless of having a gun, in addition, someone who defends themselves with a gun has a much higher chance of survival and fighting back. ---In addition, guns can not be taken away from criminals, because they do not abide by laws, because they are criminals, so they will not turn in their guns, and go to "no gun" zones with guns anyway.. If it worked that way, we'd just put a "no bomb" sign on airplanes and stop all security, b/c we now have a law and a sign. So that is ruled out and makes no sense.

Since it can't possible be any of the things in 1 and 2, how could one justify anti-gun beliefs?


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How can someone be anti-gun?

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