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QStudent driver at fault in minor car accident, many questions?

I'm 15, and I've had my learner's permit for nearly a year. I'm SUPPOSED to be getting my license in less than a week. However, a few days ago, I managed to cause an accident. It was a minor accident, and I backed into a parked car. No one was in the car I hit. My car doesn't have more than a scratch (We aren't going to make a claim obviously.), but the car I hit has a cantaloupe sized dent. It's not near the gas tank, and it's not on the door, and it's only on one section of the car. (Someone that was a witness told me that that somehow made it better..?) Also, the car I hit was not in a legal parking space (The cop noted that.), and the accident occurred on private property.

I was NOT alone. I had a licensed adult with me, and I had insurance. However, I neglected to bring my permit. I was able to give the cop my license number though (I had it memorized, and it was correct.), and he didn't cite me for not having it.

My questions:

Will this affect me getting my license?

What's going to happen to my insurance rates?

Thanks for the help. I desperately need it.

Also, the guy who owned the car I hit had the same insurance company as I do (USAA), and I live in Georgia.


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Student driver at fault in minor car accident, many questions?

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