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QBrand new 2013 Optima rear bumper?

Soooo.... Last night on our way to the lake (4 hour drive) we stopped at a gas station because it my my turn to drive so I get in the driver's seat and backup right into a dang a 3 foot tall red pole that I did not see. Worst part is it's a brand new car just got it on Wednesday after lookin for it everywhere. Obviously I feel stupid as heck &I'm really mad at myself. My husband did not say anything just "accidents happen" which they do but what are the odds of that seriously ugh. Anyway I was wondering around how much it would cost to repair the rear bumper or if it's even possible to repair it or how much it would cost to replace it &how long it would take to repair/replace. It's a 2013 Kia Optima SX. Also, I need advice... My husband said I can either tell everyone the truth what happened or make up a lie &"everyone will be mad if they somehow find out the truth". He is pushing me to tell the truth but I honestly don't think he sees how stupid &embarrassed this makes me feel. I'm always a good driver &I'm very cautious but I really didn't see the pole. It was almost 3am in the middle of the desert so it was kinda dark because where he parked the car was on the side of the gas station. I know his parents, if I tell the truth his dad will be super pissed (bad temper) &his mom will just make me feel stupid for the rest of my life &my sisters in law don't know how to watch their mouths so I know they would have some smart *** comments to say &if I lie about it I have no idea what would happen. What should I do?? :( I'm so depressed over this, I don't know how I'm going to be able to live like this. My husband surprised me with this car because he knew I really really wanted it &it was my first brand new car. I hate myself. Here's a picture...…


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Brand new 2013 Optima rear bumper?

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