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QCan some one recommend an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney?

In Arizona near Phx or take cases by phone .

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#1Rodolfo BrownAnswered at 2013-02-25 01:49:36
Atttorney am a bankruptcy, this is what I suggest. You can make a quick phone consultation, but most people, including me, no. The laws need to go in and sign releases before he can consult with you about your case. Congress has designated as relief agencies debt. Here's what to look for. Most of us who work very hard at it and try to do a good job, belong to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. You can go to the website of the associations and see others who belong to the association in your area. If you are looking for somewhere else to be careful. Bankruptcy law is very complicated and driven standards, unlike your local court that the state divorce. You can lose in bankruptcy and not even know what happened if you are not on top of things. A lot of people have jumped on the field who have never filed for bankruptcy before in the past six months. Asked how many cases the person who submitted and how long they have been practicing in the area of ​​bankruptcy law? If you are a company and only meet with paralegals or secretaries in the office, run. Every day, I have to go through each case with all the information you have given me and decide the best course of action for the client. Costs vary from state to state. Be aware of anyone who wants to put you in Chapter 13 can not afford to pay fees to obtain more lawyers. Do not file the case on your own unless you have to. Congress therefore complicated the process in 2005, which is almost impossible to successfully the case on your own without having the case dismissed. A good lawyer is worth every penny to get your credit restored and to make sure you do not later claimed by an old debt. Tim Cook
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Can some one recommend an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney?

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