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QWho is at fault in this car crash scenario?

I was making a left turn to go into the college campus.I was traveling SOUTH as I approached the solid green light, and I waited for ~ 3-4 minutes until traffic cleared. I see a purple pt cruiser enter the campus through a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane and it is coming from the south (so the direction its headed in, is north), behind it approximately 15-20 feet is a honda accord that is in the TURN ONLY LANE as well and it looked as if it was going to turn into the school. It was too close to the intersection to change lanes so i start entering the turn. the honda accord hit the right side of my car at where the front wheel is and smashed the wheel into the body of the car. the police arrogantly told me i was at fault and did not look around to check the possible speed or anything. the other driver claimed that the speed they were traveling in was 40 mph. mind you my whole right front side was completely destroyed and my car is totaled from the impact. the police looked up the wrong tag and told me that this tag was not belonging to my car- (she typed in the wrong characters.) Then she made out the ticket to my father who is the one who owns the vehicle; but he was not in the accident, he was at work. i was put down as fault, but i do not see how if the other driver was going straight on a turn only lane and trying to change at the intersection it is my fault. who would be at fault if it was taken to court? thank you. there were no witnesses also..


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Who is at fault in this car crash scenario?

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