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QHow can I afford college?

My family is pretty average as the middle-class goes. Earning around $70k a year. But my dad wasn't so good with the finances and we ended up with a bunch of credit card debt. The filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in December and now cannot sign for any loans. My dad says he refuses to contribute any money to my college fund because he wishes to retire when he originally planned to. He won't make any changes to his buying habits (such as eating out, buying electronics and guns) because he is very stubborn. He feels that if he earned it, it's his to spend.

I don't know what kind of loans I can get without a cosigner. I want ones that I wouldn't have to pay till after I graduate.

I have applied for a few scholarships but it wouldn't be enough to pay for most of the tuition, even if I win all of them.

I'm hoping to attend a public university (the state I hold residency) which costs around $25k a year.


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How can I afford college?

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