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QCompany reporting after bankruptcy?

I filed bankruptcy five years ago and have worked hard to re-establish my credit since then. Two days ago a company I filed bankruptcy on, reported to my credit report, posting a "Charge-off" on the account I filed on, causing my score to plummet 103 points. I disputed it through experian and got it raised 50 points, but experian is saying that is the best that can be done. I want my score back to where it was before the company falsely posted the charge off. Experian says that the company can report that we filed bankruptcy on them every single month for up to seven years. If that is the case, why aren't any of the other companies I filed on doing it as well? And how can I rebuild my credit if they continue to do this for the next two years? Having bankruptcy on there is hard enough, let alone a company continuing to report it.


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Company reporting after bankruptcy?

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