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Is it illegal to pay your child for doing a regular job by cash-in-hand? related questions

  • 1Is it illegal to pay your child for doing a regular job by cash-in-hand?

    I know it sounds a bit weird but hear me out. I'm doing ICT A level and we're on the topic of the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974 and obviously there's something in there to do with making sure employee's have the appropriate insurance etc. The insurance is to make sure they are covered, should an accident happen, then there's tax involved when paying employee's too. I was wondering (since in the eyes of the law it doesn't matter whether you're family or not) that if you had a son, and say you gave him some pocket money for doing some daily jobs, it would technically count as a job. Could you get fined for paying him cash-in-hand instead of doing it formally? I know there's probably something to do with the number of hours, but let's say we ignore that. Could you? (There's no real purpose behind the question, I'm just curious)

  • 2Is it illegal for parents to continue to provide their child a car if they know the child is using drugs?

    My daughter is 21 and her boyfriend is 24. They are both addicted to ocycontin and inject it daily. He is prescribed the medication by their family doctor for some injury that he had, plus they buy more on the streets as well. I know this because my daughter has been very candid with me when she does call. They are in another city and state, where his parents live. His parents are continuing to provide him with his vehicle and a credit card. They said that it is better than him being stranded and walking, and that at least he's got money for food. Is this illegal? Should I call law enforcement? I know it's crazy at the least.... and I would never enable like this, but they don't see it like that. What should I do? They are in Kansas

  • 3Small auto loading hand gun?

    ok , so I'm looking for an automatic weapon concealable hand at least 9x19 or larger. this weapon is to be used for self defense and I am not capable to concered . any suggestions ?

  • 4How much money on hand or in the bank can i have to declare bankruptcy?

    I need to declare bankruptcy under chapter 7.

  • 5Rear-ended a city bus is that different then hitting a regular vehicle?

    So the same day they get car insurance and my first day always brings me back end of a city bus when I accidentally pressed the accelerator and the brake. I called my insurance company as soon as I could get to a phone. They took my information woman who said someone would call back . Its been about two days and no call . What are they going to ask and how long does it usually take to contact you ? I can also get any other problems by hitting a vehicle owned by the City ? the accident was not bad and no one was injured . my car took all the damage . Since it was my fault that my insurance help pay for repairs ? Im assuming no , but I 'd ask . Thanks to all in advance

  • 6What could be the MAIN cause of my Ford Ka 1.3 (T-Reg) smoking out of the left-hand side of the engine bay?

    My Ford Ka 1.3 has recently started smoking after a journey of 5-10 min , of the left hand (left side ) of the engine bay - and performance goes right down to the point that only get up a hill ! The smell is like a strong burning metal , as an angle grinder would smell like - rather than a smell of exhaust / oil. No water is used , however , what I find strange, but it drastically overheating. When the car is left for 15 minutes to cool - it 's fine again, but after a journey of 5-10 minutes , the same thing happens again, I do not know if it is a separate issue , but the brakes fail miserably when this happens also .

  • 7In michigan if you sign off rights to child do you still pay child support?

  • 8Why do dismissed bankruptcies stay on credit as long as regular bankruptcies?

    I filed for Chapter 13 in 06, however it was dismissed and nothing from my credit report fell off or was remedied. Why are dismissals counted the same as full bankruptcies. seems very unfair.

  • 9A bank intercept a tax return for bankruptcy debts b4 the state child support office for back child support?

    My ex went through bankruptcy, you owe the bank a lot of money and I owe more than $ 6,000 in unpaid child support . Last year your tax return was intercepted and put to the back child support , but now the bank is threatening to intervene tax returns for at least the next four years. Does the child support has the president on the debt with the bank ? I live in Oklahoma. thanks

  • 10Will gap insurance cover my car after an accident with no regular car insurance?

    Does gap insurance covers my car after an accident without regular car insurance ?

  • 11If you had 100k cash.. what would u do with it?..?

    2 years ago I had a terrible car accident where I could not walk for three months , all my ribs were broken and my lungs were crushed - my patner fell asleep at the wheel and hit her head on concrete bridge at 100 miles per hour ... I went to a personal claim as I did not have my car insured and I lost everything , I had to quit my job , no money at all

  • 12IRA Cash Out or Bankruptcy.?

    We are about to file for bankruptcy and my husband had an idea today can save us in this way . This is the situation . We are losing our home , has about 20,000 in credit card debt and a truck deliquent . He has around 80000, in his anger and if we are going to withdraw money home around 45000. giving us enough to pay for everything except the house . I'm fine with losing the house , but I do not want to pay large fees taxes coming years . I know the IRS pentalies us to the early to draw, but we have to claim the full amount or the balance of the amount after our tax pentalties , and is worthwhile . They are wanting us to pay about 1000 a month in a chapter 13 for five years . I am very confused . Should we wait and see what happens after the house and just take enough to pay off credit cards and trucks ..