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What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.? related questions

  • 1What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.?

  • 2What happens when a department store files bankruptcy, closes all their stores &you owe them money on their?

    department store credit card? Are you still financially responsible? For instance, Mervyn's is set to announce that they are going to close all their stores and file bankruptcy (I believe they are now filing chapter 11 after already filing chapter 7) and I happen to have a Mervyn's credit card and owe some on it and was curious as to what happens. Thanks!

  • 3If im filing chapter 7 bankruptcy can they take my tax return if the proceedings are not final?

    i am nervous about filing so many unanswered questions. i depend on the tax return to supplement y working part time. ugghhh!

  • 4Bankruptcy questions? Joint filing? Chapter 7? Status of vehicles/ Big-screen TV ?

    Married. One child. Husband works. Wife does not. Gross income approx. 2500.00 per month. Owe a lot of credit card debt. (25,000) Bought big-screen tv two months ago (Home Depot). Wife has vehicle ~~ $500 per month. Husband has vehicle ~~ $300.00 per month. Own no property. Rent apt. Husband losing job. Since we bought TV two months ago, will we have to give it back? Will wife had to give up vehicle since she does mot work? Hope there is lawyer here. Will likely need to hire attorney but will have to save money to pay him. Just wanted this info as a start. Thank you.

  • 5Full &Final Settlement Offer: UK Debt?

    Hello, I need some debt counseling! I'm in the UK. I am aware of organizations like CCCS, so no need to get in touch with them. I just wanted to get some advice from the Yahoo community. My situation: I am in default of a large amount of personal debt. I have not paid to creditors (professional student loan, and some credit cards) for about 1 1/2 years. I have not signed any agreement with them debt management. Basically just stopped paying and then ignored all phone calls and letters from them. Due to the recession I am earning much less (and sometimes not working at all), so I would not have been able to make the payments, even symbolic to them. Therefore, do not bother. Now, because of an inheritance in another country, I'm in a position where you could pay about 1/3 of the debt. However, I really do not want! What I like to do is that each creditor an offer of full and final payment, if accepted, would mean that mark the debt as "settled" in my credit report and was not pursued for more payments. I know this is not going to wipe the slate clean, as future creditors will see that I default, but at least it's better than bankruptcy. My question is: What is the lowest offer I could do? 10%? I would keep some of the money from his inheritance! We will never know about inheritance, because I'm saving to a foreign bank account in my name. For those of you surprised by my lack of honesty, good, there are much worse happens. I do not steal the taxpayer for billions, or sell subprime, or take multi-million pound bonuses even when my bank was losing money. Just silly (with credit card debt) and was the victim of a bad time (do a professional course in the face just before the onset of the recession).

  • 6What eactly does "exemption status" have to do with "equity" in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    Have seen two conflicting answers. So here is scenario. Person has home in Illinois. Worth: 179,000.00. Home has 10,000.00 in "equity". Illinois allows "15,000.00" in 'exemption'..for purposes of filers of bankruptcy. Person wants to file Chapter 7. Mortgage payments are current. Question? Does 15,000.00 exemption mean she will lose home? What exactly is "equity" and how does it relate to the exemption status? Can you please answer in laymen's terms? Thank you.

  • 7Filing bankruptcy before I may be recieving a settlement due to an injury in a car accident.?

    What happens if I file for bankruptcy .... before I could be getting a settlement in the future ? I 'm in the middle of a law suite because a man beating me and my total vehilce .. permanent hurting ... I can not pay my bills ... and can not hold out long enough until you can get paid .... If you file bankruptcy now .. will that affect my settlement ? And anything can be taken according to my reguards to my bankruptcy ?

  • 8Can you keep back wages or cash settlement from employer after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I am filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, but have a case w/ the EEOC against my former employer for discrimination. If I receive back wages or a cash settlement, will I be able to keep that money?

  • 9Bankruptcy 7 is Final, But I received a bill that was included, What should I do?

    The bill was for 2 unpaid parking tickets that were included in my bankruptcy 7 from another state.MS. The BK was final in 2009 and I just received a notice from a collection agency mentioning that I better pay it and that I have a warrant... As I stated, it was included in the BK7. The 2 tickets were from 1989. What should I do? Should I call them or hand the letter to the BK attorney? Your Thoughts?

  • 10How long does it take to get the final decree from the trustee in ch. 7 bankruptcy?

    Once someone gets the final discharge of debt paper in the mail from the bankruptcy judge, how long does it take to get the final decree in the mail from the trustee? It states that the bankruptcy is not final until the trustee declares it so even though the judge has. It took over 5 months to get the discharge of debt form. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • 11We filed bankruptcy chapter 7 and was final in Feb. now on our credit report it says?

    we had a civil judgment for $ 0 in circut court . We gave up house , car and a boat . What does this mean? does not say who or who have never received payments from the court .

  • 12In California does the final discharge of bankruptcy need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED?

    I'm in California. My soon to be ex and I are in teh 6 month wait period of a divorce. We are going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy jointly. Does the final discharge (end of bankruptcy procedure) need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED? Or can we finalize the divorce in we have filed for bankruptcy but it's not discharged yet?