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Recommendations for a Web design and branding agency related questions

  • 1Recommendations for a Web design and branding agency

    I’m looking for an agency delivering web design and branding solutions for my organization. Any recommendations? Need it ASAP. 

  • 2Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do about my credit?

    I filed for bankruptcy in November 2007 . I know my credit is bad because of that. How I can create a backup? Should I talk to a financial advisor or something ? I need some guidance luck with my finances . Any suggestions ?

  • 3Any Recommendations for good books?

    I like most books, but I think I like a good mystery . Age group does not matter , books for young children . It would help if you could also give a brief description of the book as well. Whoever put most of the book titles and descriptions is more likely to get best answer !

  • 4Recommendations for a bank who gave out a loan?

    Sensor Circuits Company presented its financial statements Gould Bank to obtain financing for its planned new production . Gould Bank approves and sensor circuits for a loan of $ 3 million , after seeing that the financial statements of the sensor showed a substantial profit , while everyone else in the industry was operating at a loss. A Young audit manager

  • 5Credit Counseling Recommendations...Lawyer, Maybe?

    I took out too many payday loans last year. I paid as many as I could, but now it's catching up with me. My wages have been garnished from one creditor, and the balance is almost paid off, but now I just received notice today that I'm about to be garnished again by another company. I'm in debt, but not enough to declare bankruptcy (at least I don't think so). I want to get this taken care of, but I've found out that payday loan companies are not very flexible. I'll never deal with them again. Should I get a lawyer involved? Can anyone recommend a good credit counseling company/service? Have you been in this situation, and if so, how did you handle it? ANY advice or encouragement would be very much appreciated! Thanx!

  • 6Recommendations for a good personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC?

    I was recently injured in a car accident and am looking for an attorney to represent me. Who would you recommend and why?

  • 7How to respond to a collection agency?

    I have a CA calling me for a debt laden DC . I sent a validation letter to a collection agency . I have not heard of them . What is my next step . Should I wait for validation. If they do validate , make a written settlement offer ? If it comes down to it , what to do if they refuse payment? The agency man left a message on my machine and said

  • 8Question about collection agency in Wisconsin.?

    This is in Wisconsin . My brother was involved in a car accident a few months ago . Neither he nor the other driver got a ticket . No injuries , minor damage to vehicles . Another driver says my brother was at fault ( my brother says otherwise ) and has come to our house several times to talk to him . My brother was not home yet . Today my brother received a bill from a collection agency , with the other driver named as the person who owes the money . I wonder about the legality of this. My brother never received any legal communication related - that is, any judgment against him, there is no contact with a lawyer . Can a person like this other driver just go out and hire a collection agency to try to get the money it says it is owed for damage to your vehicle ? Should my brother this dispute any particular way ? What if he did not dispute? That is, what the agency could do in trying to get the money ?

  • 9Will this contract I wrote for a collection agency fly?

    Balance $ 15,387.74 pay to eliminate $ 4,800.00 This letter is in response to your conversation with me on June 29 , in relation to the debt mentioned . This clear agreement to pay is payable for the amount of $ 800.00 for six months in six consecutive installments starting before 10 and no more than December 10th of July. Please see the schedule below . July 10 - $ 800.00 August 10 - $ 800.00 September 10 - $ 800.00 October 10 - 800.00 November 10 - $ 800.00 December 10 $ 800.00 Once this debt. has paid no further attempts to charge your company me and Frederick J. Hanna

  • 10Can a collection agency take me to court for non-payment?

    This is the situation , my boyfriend came in very bad current account , because your check was not deposited in the bank until the next day and not know it. Well , we do not receive the returned check , which is kind of good, because there would be a lot of legal issues . We have recently begun to receive letters in the mail from a collection agency . I am currently unemployed and have no way to pay for them and while I was working I would take the time to pay them, because some of them with charges . Can the collection agency take me to court for non-payment ? Will I go to jail for this? I'm really scared and I 'm too poor to pay for it .

  • 11A legit debt consolidation agency?

    I am looking for a real legitimate agency debt consolidation, ive gotten pretty behind on some bills , will now also cover the bills that have become debt collectors as well?

  • 12Do I have to pay the Collection Agency or Debt Collector?

    The collection agency said that since the car was in my name when it was towed is my responsibility and the law of California . The car was sold along time ago , but I was still under my name. I sent the correct document ( a little late ) , but says that was not mine at the time of the trailer . They said they still falls on me , because the title was in my name . He also said if I showed the towing company said that the role was not under my name that still matters wouldn ' . Even if the new owner came over and tried to pay for what he could not accept . Are they telling the truth ?