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  • 1Buy Drugs Online?

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  • 2What can I do to help end the War on Drugs?

    what can I do to help put an end to this draconian, disgusting and un American policy. This civil war on citizens and their rights. also, what can I do to take some of the unconstitutional privacy violating powers away from police officers. They have way too much unchecked power and are allowed to harass and intimidate innocent civilians at will. How can we force these cowards to focus on saving lives and violent crime rather than harassing people for victimless offenses? What can we do to end this and get these vigilante maniac police officers under control?

  • 3Should illegal drugs be legalized?

  • 4Why Did Bon Scott abuse drugs?

    I'm trying to write this report researsh on Bon Scott , and I want to know why drink so much . He also abuse drugs ? Please respond , and do not be rude

  • 5Why are drugs a social problem?

    I just want to see what people think . thanks

  • 6Should illegal drugs be legalized?

    No matter how bad something is or is not for you , that's not the point . Not even have to get into that . The point is that , under the U.S. Constitution The federal government has no authority to ban anything if not infringing the rights of others . Drugs do not infringe the rights of others . Therefore the federal government has absolutely no right to prohibit .... anyone who supports drug prohibition is anti - freedom , as simple as that . There is absolutely no excuse that you can do to prohibit . Under the Constitution said anything he gives states rights .... for individual states still have the authority to ban them, but not the federal government , which has not only banned , but they created a

  • 7If you were under the influence of drugs and went to the hospital for treatment, do they have the right to...?

    OK So I am watching Requiem For A Dream and in this film the guy who does some kind of injecting drug has this bad reaction on his arm. His friend with good intentions decides to take him to the hospital. Now it seems that they are being arrested. Now I'm not for drugs but I'd like to say, isn't that ****ed up? I mean isn't the point of a hospital to give care not enforce the law? Why is it that humans can't rely on the purpose of a "setup" in fear of Government / Laws? The hospital's job is to fix humans not enforce the law. Maybe the movie is wrong but how does this work?

  • 8My granddaughter was in a very bad accident 4 weeks ago, the driver was on drugs, i need to know the law about

    tried to leave the scene with my granddaughter trapped in the truck , took her cell phone and called his friend to come get him , never once called 911 . she is still in the trauma unit . I want to know why this man was arrested for driving on drugs . Witnesses said it vey clear that was lost . there is a law against this and why state police havent done anything in pa .

  • 9Hi angels of yahoo!tell me guys what you think about drugs?by curious ciara?

  • 10My husband was killed in a car acc, no drugs/alcohol involved, can the man be charged with his death?

    My husband died at the scene of the accident and the other driver has no insurance , failed to stop at a stop sign and was driving with a revoked license . This was your traffic violation 11 in two years . Can be charged with vehicular homicide and how to push the issue so it does not kill someone later. This young man has no respect for the law and that night had no respect for anyone's life . He never stopped to try to stop before plowing into the driver's door of my car making husbands and passenger front axle to break and pull the car into a roll of over 100 meters before landing upside down with the door driver's side conceded two against power line poles. The people at the scene could not get the car to see if anyone else was in it because I was in the gutter and my husband was fired from his car to the curb . I have really wanted this young man to pay for his part in this. He broke the laws that took my husband away from me and our son .

  • 11Does the "WAR ON DRUGS" actually create MORE CRIME, cause MORE PROBLEMS, and FURTHER INFLATE the GOVERNMENT?

    The ban only generates social harm and crime-related . This was the case in the 1920s with alcohol , and is now the case with currently illegal drugs . No matter whether you are for or against people who use drugs . Prohibition does not work , and does not cost too much to continue. I never really thought about when I was younger . It was very simple for me : Drugs are bad , so it should be illegal . That was all the thought you put into it , because they do not think beyond the propaganda they heard every day at school . I did not think about all the problems caused by a ban ( despite ban had studied at one point) , and I think most people are pretty much brainwashed by propaganda itself , so most of us do not bother to think about the negative impact the

  • 12Is it illegal for parents to continue to provide their child a car if they know the child is using drugs?

    My daughter is 21 and her boyfriend is 24. They are both addicted to ocycontin and inject it daily. He is prescribed the medication by their family doctor for some injury that he had, plus they buy more on the streets as well. I know this because my daughter has been very candid with me when she does call. They are in another city and state, where his parents live. His parents are continuing to provide him with his vehicle and a credit card. They said that it is better than him being stranded and walking, and that at least he's got money for food. Is this illegal? Should I call law enforcement? I know it's crazy at the least.... and I would never enable like this, but they don't see it like that. What should I do? They are in Kansas