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How can I find a good trademark Attorney? related questions

  • 1How can I find a good trademark Attorney?

    How do I find a good trademark attorney in my area? Well, I can obviously search online and find a bunch, but that doesn't mean they are good. They might be, but it is mostly a tossup. A better approach is to find a few I like and then look them up on the Martindale attorney directory. Attorneys and the firms they work for are rated by the directory, which may give me a pretty good idea of what I'm expecting. My old friend whom I told about this revered me because he belongs to Sydney so told me about that company. 

  • 2How can I find out if the attorney I am about to hire is good and legit?

    How I can know if I'm going to hire lawyer is good and reliable ?

  • 3Where can I find a good personal injury attorney?

    Where I can find a good personal injury lawyer ?

  • 4How A Trademark Attorney Can Help Your Business

    Starting a new business can require many hours on the part of the business owner with very little pay. This is due to the fact that you will need to draw in new consumers to a brand they know nothing about. Many customers choose to stay loyal to a brand name that they trust. However, creating a trademark can help you accomplish the task of bringing in more consumers. This mark can be created in no time at all with the help of a trademark attorney. My friend from Sydney shared her business and asked me that, should i contact cotters to trademark my business. One can Click Here to visit the site. Should i suggest her to visit there? Share your reviews so that I can suggest her the best.

  • 5How can I find a good bankruptcy attorney? Are there any sites where people can review info?

    I live in TN. I've discovered that I'm going to have to file Bankruptcy (Chapter 7). I don't personally know of anyone who has filed Bankruptcy, so I can't ask opinions. I look in the yellow pages &see a slew of attorney's. I have no clue how to pick &I work &don't have the time to have a consultation with every one of them. Is there a website that has information on lawyers, to help in picking one or maybe a site where people can type out their personal reviews of attorney's? Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

  • 6How do I find an attorney that is licensed in two states?

    I was in a car accident in TC , but am going back to MI where I live I lived here for nine months and TC was the direction of my car insurance , so I said a lawyer MI I would have to hire a lawyer CT MI or an attorney licensed in CT

  • 7How to find estate planning attorney in Los Angeles?

    Hi, I am looking for estate planning attorney for the purchasing of property. If anyone knows any professional company that can provide me legal service kindly let me know. I shall be very thankful to you. Regards

  • 8Where can I find attorney that is licensed in FL&MO, bankruptcy/real estate law?

    Need attorney for my small business , specialists in personal bankruptcy. Owning real estate in Florida and MO

  • 9If I live in Riverside County and want to file Chapter 7 does that mean that I need to find an Attorney in Rvs?

    If I live in Riverside and want to file a Chapter 7, how I can have a lawyer represent me Orange County ? Also, I have to present in the same county we live ?

  • 10How do i find a good plumber?

    I have a heck of a leak .... I do not want to get ripped off by a plumber can charge me most .

  • 11How can I find a good debt counselor in my area?

    My wife and I are really struggling with credit card debt and two car payments . We are falling behind more and more . One of our friends suggested we go to a debt counselor to try to reduce monthly payments and make some of our accounts . Where I can find a debt counselor local settlement in my area ?

  • 12Anybody know a good Bk 7 attorney in the Detroit area, that is not going to cost my other arm and leg?

    Does anyone know a good lawyer Bk 7 Detroit area that will not cost my other arm and leg ?