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  • 8Any reviews of Britax carseats from people who have been in a car accident with a child in the seat?

    And what model is it?

  • 9Car accident in double lanes?

    I came from a road into a dual carriageway .... the first lane ( the right lane ) stopped for me , as I was scared I noticed a red BMW that comes from the other lane , so I left , I was about an inch in the other lane , such once none at all , but dented the side of my car that caused the accident , I know this is probably my fault , but is there any way I can fight this at all? I was standing in the right lane . It must have been at least 45 years and says he did not see me .

  • 10Do you think that CITI’s chapter 11 bankruptcy will cause a double dip recession?

    They are responsible for a lot of commercial loans .

  • 11Would trial for these two offenses be considered double jeopardy?

    I was involved in an accident were I lost control of my car and struck another vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle told the police I was trying to kill him so they arrested myself and him for aggressive driving (I realize this makes absolutely no sense). After requesting a jury trial because I do not trust small town judges in Georgia (long story speeding ticket related), the prosecutor added on reckless driving among some other small charges. I realize the extra charges (multiple of which have absolutely nothing to do with the story given to the officer) were a way of trying to scare me into pleading guilty, but isnt a reckless driving charge a more generalized version of the aggressive driving charge, considering I was obeying all traffic laws in so far as actually happened and to the knowledge of both the prosecutor and the police officers?

  • 12Can someone help me double check a Bankruptcy (Business Law) Question please?

    QUESTION: Jan is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Jan owns her own home, which is worth $75,000, and upon which Jan owes $60,000. Jan also owns a $20,000 diamond ring, which was given to her by her ex-husband. Which of the following is true about Jan’s bankruptcy? A. Jan may exempt her equity in the home, but she shouldn’t be able to exempt the full value of the diamond ring. B. Jan may not exempt the full value of the equity in the home or the full value of the diamond ring. C. Jan may exempt a portion of the value of the diamond ring, but she may not exempt the full value of her equity in the home. D. Jan may exempt the full value of the equity in her home and the full value of the diamond ring. I'm thinking that the answer is A. Am I right?