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  • 9I sold a car, now buyer wants to return. no bill of sale! (private sale)?

    First, I am a foreign student in the U.S. , so I do not know motor vehicle regulations very well here . If my questions seem silly, accept my apologies in advance. Recently, a car hit my 2000 Ford Taurus from behind. The bumper is broken and bent trunk lid which prevented getting locked trunk . Although the accident did not cause any mechanical damage , which was suffering from a lot of other mechanical problems even before the accident . (leaking coolant, constant engine light occasionally flashes , gray smoke coming out of the muffler ) Anyway, I got good money for the insurance company of the other party and bought a new car. So I decided to get rid of my Taurus for a cheap price on Craig's List . Someone came to see the car . I explained all the problems . I told him that I was using the car by adding coolant every two weeks, even before the accident . I told him about the check engine light and smoke gray. He said the engine light was probably blown headgasket because the value of the car would decrease considerably . Since I did not know much about cars , not even discuss anything. He test drove the car and finally said he could repair and sell the car , and make some money out of it if I would sell it at a reasonable price . Finally , he settled for $ 720. I received the cash. I signed the title and NYS DMV Form DTF -802 Transaction Statement (I have a copy of it unfortunately) , and gave them to him . Do not sign any

  • 10Sale of car on affidavit?

    i sell my car in 5 years befor affidavit. car sale by that person to another after some time . brand car accident. this car som person and wounded . an injured person making the claim for compensation for me

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  • 12How to stop a tax sale foreclosure?

    My house is put up for sale and someone purchased a tax certificate. They're about to close . My father is on SS disability and live in New Jersey. He is half owner of the house he shares with his brother . The house is paid except taxes . Is there any program , loans or any help out there that can save my house ?