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  • 8Im a homeowner drowning in debt can i just pack up and leave everything behind?

    Will I be able to buy another house and car if I just go out and not making a mortgage payment and a car payment plus more than what I have now ... ive already had a chapter 7 and every1 is saying that the judge rejected her ... all of this will just go on my credit or I'll be in some kind of trouble if I just go out and rent ....

  • 9Iraq war costs $2 billion a week, Detroit auto makers are losing $2 billion a week, are you ready to pay?

    Members of the Democratic Party , for years , have screamed about Bush policies that favored

  • 10I was in a car accident one week ago-please help?

    I went to urgent care the doctor was so kind to me . He examined me and touched my shoulder / manipulated me . He ordered X -rays , but because military insurance I was unable to get to the hospital. I ended up getting a lawyer who referred me to a doctor and pain management . He just spoke to me and saw my drawing of where my pain was . He felt my shoulder or anything. Instead , he gave me a dose of 10 mg and 600 mg of ibuprofen cyclobenzaprine and ordered physical therapy 2 times a week until you feel better. I feel like I just thought of me as

  • 11Someone help me please I was in a car wreck last week?

    I was in a car accident last Friday 's Thursday pain started a few days ago and thought it was nothing. Now I'm a very bad pain that brings tears to my eyes . Is it too late to go to the hospital and their insurance paid yet? I just want my hospital paid any money ! I do not understand why it hurts now!

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