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QIs it dangerous for the police to speed on the hard shoulder of a motorway even if it is legal?

I asked the question Are the police violating the law if the speed on the hard shoulder of a motorway , it seems that this practice is legal . However, the new question is , is it safe . If you are on a highway and goes the cam belt is pulled into the hard shoulder , even if you were to check your rearview mirror correctly if a car traveling along shoulder at a speed that is not likely to get it in account before having to shoulder came . If a car traveling at speeds hitting is a good chance that they can not survive the accident . Traveling at the speed I mean above the legal speed limit on the highway . Just a note if a member of the public was to be done this way and trapped charge would probably be dangerous driving. How does the use of blue and two warrant ?

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#1AmeenAnswered at 2013-01-02 06:22:51
It is extremely dangerous . And there is no justification for it . Ever . But the tramp just do not give a f ** k . It's one rule for them and something different for everyone . The best we can do is wait pitchers hit and kill themselves before they kill anyone else .
#2JohAnswered at 2013-01-02 10:38:54
yes , it is dangerous and the police should be prosecuted for dangerous driving . no one expects a car to overtake on the inside and if a driver had a problem and needed to get out of the road quickly someone could die .
#3mark myersAnswered at 2013-02-08 07:51:51
Yes , it is dangerous . However most of the police are gung-ho when it comes to their own actions , but is very picky about the behavior of others . Very few of them believe in the adage , " lead by example " .
#4yesudasAnswered at 2013-02-16 21:11:53
Driving anywhere is dangerous, as accidents can happen at any time. No, it is illegal for police to use the shoulder , often inform his control room when they have to do this , but sometimes you have to reach the point of an accident in the shortest time . I do not accept his statement
#5Øne Answered at 2013-02-20 15:24:12
These drivers are highly trained police so no, it is not at all dangerous . It is however an inexperienced driver .
#6CharleneAnswered at 2014-02-24 10:20:02
The problem with speeding on hard shoulders is that massive pieces of debris get swept on to it by lorries. That's it. That's why, even when you're pulling out from having stopped on the hard shoulder, you should try to move over as soon as you reach 40, because hitting a plank of wood at anything more won't do you any good.

Most police officers know this and only use the hard shoulder when traffic is heavy. In fact, I'm almost certain that police training instructs them to use the outside lane when overtaking in normal conditions, just like anyone else.
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Is it dangerous for the police to speed on the hard shoulder of a motorway even if it is legal?

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