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QShould I go visit my estranged father ?

Since I could remember my mother and father are madly in love with each other. They were upset that only a couple complement each other all the time and they were all lovey dovey. Things changed when I was abou 9 or 10. One night, I locked myself in my room because my mom and dad were in this great debate, there were shouts and screams. I was scared because it never happened. The next morning, I awoke to find that my father was gone ... Forever. I've never seen since.

When my mother was 16 and my brother 14 years old, had an accident and went. It was terrible. I expected my father showed up to his funeral, but he did not. So I lived with my godparents who happen to be the best friends of my parents and my in-laws now.

Now I'm happily married with a beautiful daughter 34 and a son on the way, but about two days, I received a call from my mother and she said she talked to my dad and found out where he is. Apperently lived in a nursing home in Florida, and my mother happens to have a friend there who introduced him to it.

He is not doing well and apparently finished putting their children in the nursing home's mother died and took thier money (I'm talking about his wife, who was also unmarried with children who married after leaving us). I feel very bad, which is odd because I do not, after all that we just left.

Part of me wants to see him, because he was a wonderful father to me and was a great father figure for my husband when we were kids, and I just want to know what happened. The other part of me just wants him to go to hell, and I can not help thinking that if he was still around my brother and mother would.

Should I go visit him or not?

Please do not

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#1gaga 10000Answered at 2013-01-16 04:17:41
YES go visit . It's not his fault that his mother and brother died . As for him leaving everyone makes mistakes sometimes and just because he left that does not mean they did not love you after all most parents love their children . Think of your children and your love for them . His father is still your father are family takes time to learn and prehaps also form a relationship with their newfound sibblings . Resolve its internal problems and personal and see while you can for your benifit and yours. Forgive and do not let this opportunity pass you by ..... out of you , but that does not mean or give you the right to leave the two now .... learn from your past and not repeat the same mistakes and problems ...
#2tamikaAnswered at 2013-02-17 21:24:24
I have very curious why your mother felt the need to know where was this man and then tell you . It's up to you if you visit or not , but consider his second family seem to have abandoned him and has made no effort to contact you .
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Should I go visit my estranged father ?

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