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QWhat are some anime shows that are a "must watch"?

I have seen much anime , but some are just really bored and want to find something to watch that is as addictive! I've seen ....
vampire knight * Show awsome ! ! 11 * , rain wolves , bleach , blood , inuyasha , code geass , death note , fullmetal ... and ect . What do I have to hand that are like those shows ? Thanks for helping ! ! ^ _ ^

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#1chiffahAnswered at 2013-01-19 06:22:06
Try watching Soul Eater It's my current obsession anyway.Lots action , a lot of comedy and great characters .
#2MagalyAnswered at 2013-01-21 13:49:11
Like wicks ? gundam I recommend to all the different shows that have Fafner magic Kyo Kara Maoh avatar Fate Stay Night fairy tail Kaze no Stigma 07 ghost I recommend you read veritas .......
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What are some anime shows that are a "must watch"?

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