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Is it legal to speed/run stop signs when carrying expecting mothers in labor to hospital? Where to find law? related questions

  • 1Is it legal to speed/run stop signs when carrying expecting mothers in labor to hospital? Where to find law?

    I'm wondering if it would or not , but if there are laws that protect people who are speeding in the exercise of mothers in labor to hostital . Please give facts and not opinion sources . thanks

  • 2When riding my bicycle, should I stop at all stop signs and red lights?

    I just bought a bicycle. When I am going in neighborhood streets I feel silly stoping at the stop signs, and on some other streets even stoping at a red light. If a policeman sees me, not stopping, will I get a ticket (????). Please explain how it works.

  • 3Is it fair that unions force companies to pay skilled labor wages for unskilled labor?

    Amtrak is struggling, has been for years . The union requires high performance and salaries for people who have paid their dues , not necessarily because the work they do is very skilled . An example ... a dishwasher more than $ 26 per hour with a good benefits package . I bet if someone can announce washing dishes for $ 15 an hour with minimal benefits and make the whole trip they want , have long lines for this position . Why can not companies put their work to the highest bidder rather than paying exorbitant salaries to the dishes was freakin . So many companies are in the same boat . The unions are undermining them into bankruptcy .

  • 4Is there any country that have legal speed limit acceded to 65 or 70 miles?

    Is there any country that have legal speed limit acceded to 65 or 70 miles?If No then why most of our car is made of upto limit 100 or more?Do you think many accidents can be prevented if they all start making car that is not able to speed more then legal posted speed in that particular country?

  • 5Is it dangerous for the police to speed on the hard shoulder of a motorway even if it is legal?

    I asked the question Are the police violating the law if the speed on the hard shoulder of a motorway , it seems that this practice is legal . However, the new question is , is it safe . If you are on a highway and goes the cam belt is pulled into the hard shoulder , even if you were to check your rearview mirror correctly if a car traveling along shoulder at a speed that is not likely to get it in account before having to shoulder came . If a car traveling at speeds hitting is a good chance that they can not survive the accident . Traveling at the speed I mean above the legal speed limit on the highway . Just a note if a member of the public was to be done this way and trapped charge would probably be dangerous driving. How does the use of blue and two warrant ?

  • 6How can i find a lawyer to take my case against a hospital that hurt me while in a coma. Every Lawyer is scare

    I was in a car wreck and ended up in a coma. While in the coma the doctor damaged me. Now I can't find a lawyer to take my case. When I mention the hospital where it happen they all say we fill that YES you do have a case BUT our firm can't handle it. It seems to me that they are affraid to even try. Can you give me some advice. I have another Dr. And a Nurse and my Drs. assistant That have told me that they would have to say it did not happen in the wreck. By Law.

  • 7Why is so hard to find free legal assistance for bankruptcy?

    I made the mistake of trying to pay my credit cards , as long as I can rather than stop paying two months before using the money to a bankruptcy attorney . I can not go back on that and my cards ar three months later and one is a lawyer and surrendered . I have no money , actually 2 months not even have money for rent , so I do not have money to pay more ( we paid a small fee for them for a while , but that did not satisfy them ) and have no money to file the chapter 7 . Call the numbers of legal assistance to Texas and do not handle bankruptcy more . Why do you have to be a murderer , undocumented , pederast , rapist , etc., to obtain legal aid in Texas ? Each private organization which concerned only deals with illegal real criminals ?

  • 8How much compensation could i be expecting for my leg accident?

    a car stopped in front of me without warning. I could not stop so me and my bike hit the back corner . He has accepted full responsibility . .. my bike was canceled , My right knee suffered severe bruising where the car hit .. This impact caused my leg to dislocate . I stepped back , breaking my pelvis in its path . Many pieces were broken and the right side of my pelvis was broken through. .. I spent one night in AE . Then he was put under general anesthesia for my leg relocated. .. I spent 6 days in the hospital until I had major surgery on the hip , involving fragments were removed along with plates and metal fasteners that are put in. .. A further 5 days in the hospital (11 in total) .. Now I'm on crutches for 12 weeks until I learn to walk again . .. I'm in height based opioid analgesics . .. I'm only 17 and have been told arthritis develops at least 20 years earlier than it would have been . For this severity of the fracture and dislocation pelvis , the compensation amount is generally given to the wounded side ?

  • 9Where do I find a legit at home job for a legal assistant with 20 years experience and typing skills of 93 wpm?

    I am a paralegal in North Florida and would like to make a legitimate work at home . I have 20 years experience in various areas of law , including criminal defense , insurance defense , creditor bankruptcy , civil litigation , commercial land use , contract law and inheritance law . Does anyone know of a legitimate work at home for my company ? My writing skills are 93 wpm and I have lots of experience in various software. Also a Notary .

  • 10Carrying people on the back of my motorbike?

    I've noticed that insurance companies have started adding insurance for pillions on provisional bike cover. I'm 16 I have a premier bike policy with Aviva and a Derbi GPR 50R motorbike which it says on V5 is for 2 people. I checked my policy and it says both on the actually insurance certificate that it covers all third partys in a accident and any loss or damage. It says that it also covers any riders which ride on the back. I have a CBT, and provisional, but I noticed on my Certificate which isn't a CBT one the box is ticked for full moped license? aswell as provisional CBT? ive done my motorbike theory also so does this validate me having a full moped license? And still on my insurance it says Provisional with CBT, so I'm covered technically to carry people on the back because it says It will cover all third party's on the Insurance certificate and doesn't exclude pillions and it also says in the policy book it covers for people to go on the back. So have I got a full moped license? Does it look like my policy has it covered? I'm ringing them tomorrow anyway I just want to know for a piece of mind. I definately know you can add pillion cover to a provisional policy now and that has changed so :S

  • 11My mothers car was totaled?

    Can a claim be dismissed injurry staff if a person lies about his injury car my mother was destroyed and the other person was not bad injuired expected to go to the doctor a week after the accident and parmedics poilce wern't called you wait a week to go to the doctor and then complain of back injuries after a car accident or you'd go if there was an ambulance called ?

  • 12In a foreclosure, are there signs put up on property?