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Recommendations for a bank who gave out a loan? related questions

  • 1Recommendations for a bank who gave out a loan?

    Sensor Circuits Company presented its financial statements Gould Bank to obtain financing for its planned new production . Gould Bank approves and sensor circuits for a loan of $ 3 million , after seeing that the financial statements of the sensor showed a substantial profit , while everyone else in the industry was operating at a loss. A Young audit manager

  • 2If a friend took out a loan and gave me the proceeds, but I did not sign on the loan, do I have to repay?

  • 3I gave someone a personal loan of 6K - and now they are filing bankruptcy...?

    ... I did make them sign a loan saying they owed the money. Now they are filing bankruptcy. Am I out my money?

  • 4Rescheduling my loan agreement with my bank but loan agreement says one thing &the loan officer says another?

    Had been paying x amount for a couple of years but as money got tighter renegotiated the amount I repay weekly, that was done informally for 1 year and now is being put on a contractual basis. However the loan agreement instead of being repayable over say x number of years is now according to the contract to be repaid at x amount for 12 months and then a big lump sum in 12 months time. Loan officer who's very friendly is saying to disregard that, that it just has to worded like that when in fact the 12 month agreement will simply be re-done every 12 months. Issue for me is that I'm actually signed a contract which doesn't stipulate this, in fact it says the very opposite, that after 12 months the outstanding amount is due to be paid in one installment. Won't be able to do that should they decide later to enforce the contract despite any verbal assurances they've made to me. It's an unsecured personal loan in my name (I'm married but the loans in my name) Don't have any substantial assets such as a house, car etc so nothing can be seized. We're both mature adult students. Maybe becaue the loan is unsecured nothing could be seized in any case, not sure but that's not my main concern now anyway. What to do I wonder, sign or make sure the contract reflects what is being informally told to me? Thanks.

  • 5How to assume car loan without bank?

    My car broke down last week and I can not go to work without the bus takes three hours to arrive. I have two small children and am raising alone. I need a car ASAP. I have no one to help me with this. I have no money for a down payment my credit score is 618. I want to take somebody.s loan with 0 down payment, but my credit score is too low . Any suggestions ?

  • 6$10,000 personal loan, which bank should i go?

    Hi , I need a few bucks 10K , my credit is in good cond . score is 690-705 , i do not have late payments , no collections , bankruptcy , have about 3 or 4 visits in the last six months , have total credit card limit of $ 13,000 , and I owe them about 9000, also I have a car loan 20K , not real estate , so I was wondering what is the best bank to go , I would choose the bank interest not only wise , but I have more chance of rejection , so I need less demanding bank ! any ideas? thank you!

  • 7Can you modify your bank loan after a bankruptcy?

    i attempt to include details of the extent possible . I filed Chapter 13 in order to save my home . the deal my lawyer actually worked for me increased my monthly payments for a year I was able to make the payments without any problems , however my monthly payments remained increasing due to lack of funds in escrow . Needless to say, not through bankruptcy and the bank is proceeding to foreclosure . Is it too late to negotiate a deal with the bank or Should I give up and walk away from the thousands of dollars already invested ?

  • 8What is a great bank to go through for a personal loan?

    We break for us , but we have a co -signer with great credit to help us get a loan for 5,000 to fix our transmission in our Volvo . So we need a personal loan and we have no idea who pass . We need an honest bank will not launch at all inclusive and where we can get a decent % . CitiFinacial heard is good . Is that true? Also if anyone has experience with this can let me know what you have to pay each month, your rate % , and how well they worked with you . I am not asking for any personal information or anything like that , only I have to find a good bank to go . PD already have a loan through the Credit Harborstone for our car , so I can not go through them . THANKS .

  • 9Advice on bank loan guarantor?

    I am after some advice if anyone can help .... my partner resigned as director of the company last month. Last year the company received a loan from the bank and he personally guaranteed the loan . We just found out the bank that the only way out of the guarantor if the other director puts it in his name , which would require a credit check , etc. , and as the other director have bad credit rating will not believe it . Has anyone had any experience with this , or know of a way we can clear my name of all partners . We do not want that hanging over our heads for the next four years . As the company's financial situation is not very stable and can go under at any time. Surely there must be another option - the preparation of a legal document or something? Does anyone know if the company also goes under, what the bank would do - I guess you could contact us and make us pay the monthly fee, you will not be able to afford . So the only way that could happen to think bankruptcy would be .... ? ? ? HELP !

  • 10What do I tell a bank about a past bankruptcy when applying for a loan?

    I went to my bank to get a line of credit for my business and saw that declared bankruptcy in the past and wanted to know more . My bankruptcy case in 2002 and was a Chapter 7 bankruptcy . What do I say ?

  • 11Can i get a loan with a bank on a chapter 13 active and get it on line and where?

    ? I can get a loan with a bank active in Chapter 13 and do online and where?

  • 12What bank has a good personal loan to offer?

    For starters , I am a 22 year old independent woman who recently had to file bankruptcy because I wanted but because at 18 years old he had made a mistake of getting credit card after credit card charge , one after another until I had $ 6,000 . I know it's small to you, but to me ? I'm trying to leave the house of my parents and another used car. Every month , these cards would take 50% of my paycheck income ? No way I could live without anything , I needed to eat and put gas in the car too. Anywho , I am currently trying to get back to school . Beauty College is, the orientation is on Monday that the school wants all CASH ! ! No check , school loan , cash assistance . Here's the dilemma : I have $ 5800 : . (However , I would like to apply for a low interest personal loan that gives me at least 3 or more years to pay I know with my co -signer will definitely interest low. I had gone to Wells Fargo , but I hated the idea of that the interest would be 20% because of my credit smh so my question for you , what bank or credit union offering such large loans for me? ? ? thanks so much happy new year :)