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What kind of problems are there if you have two insurance companys (state farm / AAA) do they create problems? related questions

  • 1What kind of problems are there if you have two insurance companys (state farm / AAA) do they create problems?

    What kind of problems are there if you have two insurance companies ( State Farm / AAA ) will create problems ?

  • 2Does the "WAR ON DRUGS" actually create MORE CRIME, cause MORE PROBLEMS, and FURTHER INFLATE the GOVERNMENT?

    The ban only generates social harm and crime-related . This was the case in the 1920s with alcohol , and is now the case with currently illegal drugs . No matter whether you are for or against people who use drugs . Prohibition does not work , and does not cost too much to continue. I never really thought about when I was younger . It was very simple for me : Drugs are bad , so it should be illegal . That was all the thought you put into it , because they do not think beyond the propaganda they heard every day at school . I did not think about all the problems caused by a ban ( despite ban had studied at one point) , and I think most people are pretty much brainwashed by propaganda itself , so most of us do not bother to think about the negative impact the

  • 3Car INSURANCE problems...?

    My car has recently been in an accident by a hit and run third party ( while my car was parked in the car without a body ! ) I received a letter from my insurance provided . Please note , the car is all risk . We refer to the above. (Date and vehicle registration ) Upon notification of recent claim that we regret that due to lack of information from third parties who are not able to proceed with the recovery of uninsured losses and therefore we have closed our file . trust this clarifies your position and thank you for your cooperation . Could someone enlighten me on what is meant by this, as I am getting a little worried at this stage that WILL NOT REPAIR OR REPLACE THE CAR . Just to note MY INSURANCE HAS GIVEN a rental car for 21 days . SO VERY CONFUSED THE CASE HAS CLOSED As mentioned previously or still underway . Need help ? ? ?

  • 4Hit and Run - Car insurance problems?

    (Im a female on my fiancee account) In 2007 a lorry pulled out into the lane I was driving in, hit me and then drove off. It was night time so dark but I saw The lorry pull over into the hard shoulder, a man got out and looked to see if I was still alive I guess(he could tell I was as I had my hand on the horn to get attention and the inside light on as I was stuck in the car). I found my phone, called 999 and when the police arrived the officer carried me out of the car as it was a very dangerous part of the road and already cars were swerving to miss me, no one stopped to help though! When in hospital the police came to speak to me they said the lorry driver had driven off and had left the scene, I had no details of the lorry and they wouldn’t check the CCTV to find out the company. The car was written off and after that I have always put it on my insurance quotes to say I had a claim against "me" as I had a pay out for the car from my insurance which just covered the finance. Is this right??? as the accident was not my fault, how can I find out what I should put on my insurance? I have not driven for the last two years and now I am confused. I did receive a pay out from the government, it was either for my injuries or was for my loss of car I cant remember which but it was due to it being a hit and run case

  • 5I need help with Insurance problems because of car accident?

    hey reader ! ok so my girlfriend got into a horrible car accident in September 2009 . She barely managed to survive , let her on bed rest for almost a month , stole her car, and all the hospital bills . She was making a left turn on a green arrow when the traffic that comes in a small Honda Civic ( with red light ) had a girl in a Jeep Cherokee that was going over 70 mph and texting , not saw the red light of my girlfriends car t -boned so hard she got turned t -boned again by jeep from the impact. Luckily , she managed to survive , but she has significant scarring on his arms and legs head . The girl sure ( farmers ) wanted to settle his claim for $ 25,000 - but my girlfriends accumulated hospital bills of $ 32,000. That's also not including his car, which still had not finished paying and was sold for scrap because of severe damage. So we went to a lawyer to try to get more out of it . The hospital insurance took a year to make the claim that they never did. Finally , after two years to file a claim cursed , so now the insurance and our lawyer wants to settle for $ 25,000 on because we 're getting nothing . What can we do ? This is not fair . It took two years .. F *** ING TWO YEARS to reach this conclusion , damn ! My girlfriend is scarred for life , ran out car lawyer costs , and we are left with all these medical bills that we can not afford, and still want to use to settle for $ 25k and free the girl and your insurance for any other intervention. Is there anything we can do ? We are so lost right now. Thanks ...

  • 6Question about State Farm Car Insurance?

    my parents told me that when I get my liscense , State Farm is gong to charge an extra $ 200 to your account for more than two drivers in the house . Is that true ? ( Because what if you do not want the insurance )

  • 7Having problems with car insurance paying out after accident

    A couple of weeks ago I had an accident with another driver who was in my car is dropped What happened was another car joined the motorway, switched lanes but obviously was not paying attention and hit my rear wheel, this sent my car in the outside lane , flipped and landed on the shoulder Network I did not suffer any injury very seriously and I remember that the driver admitted fault at the scene (he kept apologizing and saying how much it was) and I said this when the police came to see me Now it seems to me being blamed for the accident , saying that he never admitted fault and that I had not known if he was anyway , as I was drifting in and out of consciousness ( this is not true ) So now your insurance company will not pay to prove who was at fault Does anyone know how this works and how long can you last? Not a big problem because I can not drive at the time anyway but I do not want that dragged on for months

  • 8I was in a car accident in California and now I am having problems w/ insurance, what to do?

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  • 9How will insurance companys settle a claim when both parties state the other is at fault in an auto accident?

    me and my boyfriend were in a car accident where we were going straight through a green light and a car ran a red light and hit us on the drivers side there was nothing we could do to avoid it because it was a blind spot for us.we could not see the road we were driving down a one way and theres a big building right at the corner of the intersection so its completely blind.when the police get to the accident they say they are not going to make a report just have us exchange information so we did. a couple weeks later after i have been going to a chiropractor because ni hurt my shoulder in the accident the other parties insurance sent us a letter stating that they are not going to be able to settle with us because each party states that the other party ran the red light. another thing we were in a pretty big truck and this was a toyota camry that hit us and caused us to spin around and get wrapped around a pole on the passengers side we believe they were speeding but how can they determine anything in a case like this......what is going to happen if there is no witnesses and no police report?

  • 10Question for Car Insurance Agents (I have State Farm) -?

    I am a little taken back by my SF agent the other day - I called to report that a heavy item had toppled over in my garage putting a decent little dent in my vehicle. This, the agent agreed, was Comprehensive, which I have $100 deductible for. I got an estimate and not surprisingly with body shop costs nowdays, the total repair cost is going to be about $600. (that is a whole nother story the outrageous over-pricing of replacement body parts and labor to fix cars, a real scam) - Now, I have had State Farm since I was 16 years old, I am almost 50 yrs old now - I stayed with them (same agent/office even !!) through my parents who had them since 1940 !! I have not had any claims for damages to my vehicles other than a chip in windshield once. So I report this dent to my agent yesterday - and the response was "Well, you know, if its over $100 to fix, there's a good chance your annual premium will increase !!" I was SO MAD. I said "what about my 34 years with you and no claims? other companies like allstate and many others now have "accident forgiveness" if you've had no claims in xx years, other companies are doing refunds for not having accident claims. I said "Doesn't state farm have ANY of these policies too?" WHY would you increase my policy costs for one darn claim under Comprehensive in all these years. He then stuttered and said, "well, well, it might, or it might not, we don't know until corporate does its annual updates and policy reviews". As if "he" has no control over it. Is this agent totally bullshitting me here people? I am really PO'd. Talk about NO customer nicety, loyalty, or consideration. Not even trying to be "helpful" with a claim. Just "scare tactics" to disuade me from filing a claim at all !!! What the heck is going on here? Can some other agents explain? I was told by several people in the insurance business that my claim under Comprehensive would NOT cause an increase in my policy rate. HELP !! (thanks to agents, state farm especially) who can answer my questions/concerns.

  • 11I was in a car accident in California and now I am having problems w/ insurance, what to do small claims?

    I was involved in a hit and run accident w / a truck on Friday 6/4 on the freeway at rush hour going about 10-15 mph. The rear driver hits me my car multiple times and the last time I hit I was literally standing on my brakes and the truck was pushing my car (Acura Integra) and I could hear my brakes screeching and smelled burning rubber . At that moment I was afraid for my life not knowing why this person was constantly hitting my car. I have plates truck drivers and police found him later that day at his workplace and he said he did not know he hit me. The police told me that would not be charged w / hit and run unless he can prove that he was not aware of hitting me. I went to the doctor on Monday because of lower back pain and sent me to physical therapy. When I called the insurance company of the other guy to make a claim, they set me up with an adjuster who said he would call me back the next day. I have not heard from her for three days, so I called again and was told I had an adjuster again, so I called and got his voicemail said he would be back in his office until next week. I called back the next week and after leaving many messages finally spoke and said that based on my statement, the insurance company would pay for my car and medical expenses, and would call me the next day after talk to your insurance company and let me know the plan. I sent an estimate and photos of my car. Then about a week later, left a message on my voicemail and I wrote saying: Thanks for sending the photos. Basically our problem now is that our driver refuses to release his story about you and I can cut you ignore what you're saying. I want to avoid any hang ups in this file and do not want to feel like I'm ignoring your story either. I know you said you had aggravated his back and was a part of your claim here. In an attempt to compromise this dispute, I want to take a shot at an offer that we hope you might take. If I am offered a percentage of damages that reflect the facts in dispute between the two parties (as in I pay 50% of their property, and 50% of your injury claim), I do not think I would find it nice . Therefore, I'd suggest you pay 100% of repairs and a rental while in the store in exchange for full release of all claims. My commitment is to pay for all the damage despite the insured be upset and feel like I'm going against them and their commitment would give up an injury claim. Please advise if this is an acceptable option. Also, if you have the police report, send it back. The police report clearly states that it is 100% at fault, so I have a couple of questions: 1. Now that I have proof that the driver was unaware of hitting me, how I can get it charged w / hit and run? 2. The estimate for my visual car damage was $ 850 and I've talked to two lawyers who said they can not be represented, but that was to take him to small claims court, so what I have to do if I take him to the small statements? 3. Because of the pain in my back, I can not stand for more than 10 minutes, and I can not walk very far or for long periods of time, so I can get the pain and suffering?

  • 12Having problems with my car after a front end collision, insurance company said not related, how do they know?

    kia optima car is a 2004 and I have to say it has been a great car. I'm a little OCD about maintenance and have always done enough with the distributor according to mileage. the car has now 126,000 and was involved in a frontal collision, now I'm having problems wth the rack and pinion on the right side which is of course where there was most of the damage. The insurance company all set like body work and air bag sensor very expensive, engine mounts and some other minor problems. Overall, very happy, so I thought. collect the car body shop a month later drove down the road two miles and the front end started shaking, I called the shop and told me to come back. They agreed something was not right. This is when they found broken motor mounts. Car left and put a vacation, stay for a week or so and picked it up again, took about a week and a half and I heard a sound groanning awful from the right side, once called the shop since I'm not a mechanic that is what I intended to do. They said take it to your mechanic and see what is wrong and we call back, I did and found pressure hose broken steering or what is wrong that causes leak. I paid for this repair did not try to get more from the insurance company and think things happen. He drove the car an additional 2 to 3 days and returned with a vengeance moan again on the right side. I took it to the mechanic and called the insurance agjuster, took 2 days for the insurance adjuster to see the car, the mechanic found the rack and pinion seal broken again in the right side and starting problem. Th insurance adjuster stated that it was due to the accident and had 2200 miles on the car since the accident. Well, when I calculated mileage from the date of loss (documented in the body shop) and the current mileage is a difference of 941 miles. So he's wrong about that (can be added) and my question how can you be so sure that this is not due to chance. I will give the car has lots of miles, but why now I'm having all the problems of all documented and all on the right side. I've never had an accident before, never had a complaint and I'm a 37-year veteran driver. I've probably been driving longer than the adjuster has been alive. What do I tell the adjuster or how I can handle when he refuses to fix my car. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated. Debutante