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QHow does one sue for a auto/bike accident?

I was in an accident earlier this week, as I was riding my bike and was hit by a car . It was totally the driver's fault - I was in the bike lane , my right of way - was turning left and did not see me . I suffered many injuries but no broken bones . The doctor is in the ER did not do a thorough examination of the body from injury and sent me home with a glass still in my hair and my arms and untreated wounds. My parents are worried that it was not fully treated and that these injuries are going to cause problems in the future and I will have to try and then have no way to pay for it . At this time your insurance is supposed to pay for everything , but what about in the future ? If I have a lawyer , would sue the driver or the insurance company ?

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#1james haroldAnswered at 2013-01-30 05:50:01
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#2RashidaAnswered at 2013-03-14 23:49:57
I recommend not retain a lawyer yet. They take a minimum of 33 % of any settlement . Let driver's insurance company pays for actual damages or injuries .
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How does one sue for a auto/bike accident?

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