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I am goint to court regarding my chapter 7 case , my attorney included my citibank student loans on there? related questions

  • 1I am goint to court regarding my chapter 7 case , my attorney included my citibank student loans on there?

    Since federal considered private and there is a possibility that could be discharged in my bankruptcy ?

  • 2Can my attorney withdraw 3 years into our case with a pending court date?

    This is about an auto accident case where someone rear ended us and fled the scene. We hired this attorney about 3 years ago and now they want to withdraw, after already setting up a court date. They couldn't even refer us to someone. They claim "conflict" as their reasoning, but they are the ones who have been rude and hard to work with. We did send a letter to the courts explaining our side of this, but we are clueless about what else to do. I did not know an attorney could just leave you high and dry like this, especially without referring us to someone who could help us. Its been hard to find a replacement as its so far into the case and the court date is 2 months away. Can someone shine some light on this please?

  • 3Student Loans and Chapter 7 discharge.?

    I filed a Chapter 7 and included my student loans from the various colleges I attended. I got a discharge, because I was able to prove that I wasn't able to repay the loans. I was told that after I obtained the discharge I would have to do a second portion of the bankruptcy, to remove the student loans from my FAFSA and credit report. I am unaware of what the second portion of the bankruptcy is. Does any one know the procedure to complete my bankruptcy and continue my education (of course without financial assistance)?

  • 4Chapter 7 Bankruptcy &Student Loans?

    If you are in the process of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy ( in Rhode Island ) are still eligible to take over student loan considering student loans are not disposable under bankruptcy ?

  • 5Can I get student loans while enrolled in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    I am currently on a payment plan in Chapter 13 bankruptcy . I have some student loans that are included in this plan. Is it possible for me to obtain additional student loan next year ? I'm going to graduate school and I can not pay for school on my own. I've never missed a payment and I'm paying everything 100 % .

  • 6Private student loans and what do do after chapter 13 question?

    I presented chapter 13 just before the new bankruptcy laws passed in 2005 . I knew that my student loans would not be discharged. My lawyer put everyone on tolerance . I finished my ch 13 a month ago and has started to consolidate. Last week I received a collections notice in the mail a bill for 17,000. I was not aware that he still had private loans through Sallie Mae , but apparently I do. These are already in collections . Can these be consolidated as well? Private loans are not discharable ? I called Sallie Mae and have transferred 8 times ...... 8! Then I got a new number to call I decided to refresh my planes before I call again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what to do .

  • 7Is there any way to file chapter 7 bankruptcy on student loans?

    I am over 85k in debt. I did not even do half of that before taxes . I have a high difficulty , but I am not disabled. With all my bills ( rent, food , gas , electricity, insurance ) , no room for extra money . I squeezed every penny . I can not consolidate my private loans . I called a couple of lawyers , and they could not help me. Can anyone recommend a lawyer who can help me with this?

  • 8Can you transfer student loans to a 0% credit card? Is this a smart thing to do now that loans are at 7%?

    How much can I save if I transfer student loans to a zero percent credit card? Is this doable and can I then roll it onto other cards after one year?

  • 9Is it possible to file Chapter 7 or 11 Bankruptcy on Federal Student loans?

    Is it possible to file Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy in federal student loans ?

  • 10What happens if you file for Chapter 7 and used credit cards to pay off student loans?

    What if you file for Chapter 7 and used credit cards to pay off student loans ?

  • 11I have a law question in chapter 13 is a student loans a secure or unsecure debt?

    I have a question law in Chapter 13 is a student loan debt insurance or unsafe?

  • 12Im in college, and I am thinking about filing for a chapter 7 will i be able to continue my student loans?

    I ran into some financial problems after getting sick , and I 'm finding it difficult to catch up. I 'm only 21, so I'm not worried about making big purchases involving credit. I'm just worried about my student loans , and if I will be able to continue to borrow from my Stafford and Perkins loans to get me to college ? Does anyone know anything about this?