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QCar accident. Need Professional advise only

I rear ended some Hispanic ladies . They had no license, but insurance seems to be valid , but it is possible. He stopped about 55 feet in front of a stop sign and there was no reason . After I hit the first thing I did was look out the car window to see if I hit a car coming too. Because the impact was very hard . Busted my radiator and everything and more that was probably my car (engine change ) . There was a truck stop sign that was 55 yards ahead and nothing else . My car had to be towed . I need professional advice . I do not care what the person just blew your mouth has to say . I have 17 years . I know that my insurance will go . But what is most likely to happen?

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#1popcorn010Answered at 2013-02-01 02:35:25
You can get a small fine for driving distracted or something similar , without the expense of your driver's license . With them driving without a license , you must cancel your insurance. And in some states , puts the unlicensed driver at fault , no matter what happened ( not all states ) . Your insurance will not go ....
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Car accident. Need Professional advise only

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