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QBike/car accident Insurance Claim?

The accident :
14 months ago , when I was riding my bike , a conductor connected to the right just in front of me and my bike / body slammed into the back of your car . I can provide more details if necessary .

The consequences :

Bike damage repairs = $ 200. My back was in pain for a couple of weeks . Nothing debilitating , but noticeable . A few months later , re-injured my back playing golf ( not usually play ) , which makes me wonder if I will continue to suffer from back problems minor or major , as a result of this accident .

The verdict :
I was shocked when Progressive decided it was shared by negligence . The driver lied about how this happened. And my testimony fell off the face of the earth ... But why do I have ridden in a car ?

My question :

On principle , I do not settle the claim at first. Now , there's a new adjuster wants to settle the case .

He is willing to take care of my expenses bike and my medical expenses . It also appears that I feel out of the kind of cash settlement, one that I want.

I just wanted to wait to see if my back got worse . But , since you probably can not find my control again ... and the statute of limitations ends in 9 months ... ... I guess it must conform.
Can anyone suggest if I have any alternative to the resolution now? If not , any suggestions on what to order ?


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Bike/car accident Insurance Claim?

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