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QOne more story in making: Comments Appreciated!?

I'm done about my book, which is about 50,000 words and I'm in the editing stage.
I offer here the synopsis of my book, the shorter version of my chapter synopsis along with what I'm revealing here.
Please let me know if there is gripping enough or necessary changes.
The comments, reviews appreciated with a smile!

This book explores the idea of ​​love. Love is a relatively simple and common word, this book shows how it is handled. It deals with the relationship between husband and wife, mother and daughter, between friends and among strangers.
David Hanigan, a strong character, loving man who left their homeland to settle in India with his wife. Despite the difficulties faced because of his color, he succeeded in winning the hearts and was one of the bankruptcy attorneys highest in India.

Chaya Hanigan was not what people call the epitome of indigenous women, perhaps because she was strong dizziness or trust or wore black, while mourning instead of white or simply because she made no sindoor on the forehead Although married. Born in India, raised in California, this Indian American woman returned home with his family. Beautiful home, a wonderful daughter, a loving husband,. But his picture perfect family was not destined to a happy ending together

What happens when two uniquely different but equally striking people meet and one American and the other an Indian, both strong and went fiercely independent, career lawyers and oriented correctly, the result was a love story forever complete with his beautiful daughter of Joseph Hanigan.

Joseph Hanigan was born in California but grew up in India, friendly and popular, attractive and confident, she was the girl from a village and everyone loved her. A good student and a wonderful friend, had no allies just someone who loved too much, too much for his own good.

It all started a year ago, while innocently stroll in the park after dinner. Whenever I did this, I mean, that is, work the day 11-4 and then people watch until 6, go home, watch TV, have dinner at 8 and then go out for a walk. It was strangely quiet for a spring night, light swinging from the trees was the only noise I heard on the radio .
While going home, I spent a beautiful villa, actually this part of town has many many villages that have become as common as the next 10-story building you see. I could not see anyone, but heard sounds of loud music, I could not see who was listening to her, but I could see a room, a room papered with posters of the last pink actors, caught sight of a brunette. That night I could not sleep.

For the next six months, went home every night and one night I saw her. She was watching television, which was in the basement, therefore, in my opinion. She had gray pj embossed in a clown and a huge full sleeved sweat. I could not stop looking at her, not because she was beautiful, but there was something in his eyes, the way she sat, she moved, she laughed, took a sip of cola that I knew she was the one .

It was time again holiday and could not go home, and who gathered much attention. You see, the police watched attentively as crimes in the neighborhoods most was when everyone was celebrating. I waited a day, two, until I realized it was the most watched and that overlook one. I walked among a group of people that I was invisible, even if he could see me.
I camouflaged my way behind his house and with a gentle push opened the back window and silently slipped in.

The house was dark, but the Christmas tree was lit carefully around the corner, I knew she had decorated, could only feel his presence around the tree. The house was quiet, then I knew it was his room. The second door on the left on the first floor, opened the door and closed it in a way that no sound came. He could hear the breathing of the light, there she was in her queen size mattress, snuggling with a blanket and pillow, I was almost tempted to touch but today was content to be simply looking .

It looked almost angelic in her sleep, with her hair spread on the pillow. I could not resist touching these strands of silky brown hair, yes, she was indeed the one. She moved, for a second, I thought it was over, but she just moved to the other side. I do not know how long I was there darkness hides me just to see the shadow of moonlight. I left at dawn.

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One more story in making: Comments Appreciated!?

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