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Filing bankruptcy before I may be recieving a settlement due to an injury in a car accident.? related questions

  • 1Filing bankruptcy before I may be recieving a settlement due to an injury in a car accident.?

    What happens if I file for bankruptcy .... before I could be getting a settlement in the future ? I 'm in the middle of a law suite because a man beating me and my total vehilce .. permanent hurting ... I can not pay my bills ... and can not hold out long enough until you can get paid .... If you file bankruptcy now .. will that affect my settlement ? And anything can be taken according to my reguards to my bankruptcy ?

  • 2I was in a car accident (wasnt my fault) i was injured how do i go about recieving a decent settlement?

    my car is broken , I have a fractured elbow , 2 wrist bent , a bent finger , a sprained knee and a sprained ankle ... I've been out of work for three weeks now (I work 2 jobs ) insurance now (her ) pain and suffering is mentioned but did not elaborate . I get a lawyer or just let them offer ? What should I do ? ? I heard that is based off your medical bills , I try to get as high as possible ? theyre offering me 1,000 for the car (192,000 miles on it , '98 ford contour )

  • 3What is average personal injury settlement from car accident in GA?

    On four lane highway with turning lane doing 35 and guy attemps to cross 2 lanes where my vision and his was obstructed by inner lane of traffic that was stopped. I did not get to brake.... car totaled, arm bruised from bag, but walked away with no blood nor broken bones.... whiplash, of course, and soft tissue. Outside of medical bills (e.g. $4k for PT), what can one expect in GA for a settlement for pain and suffering which was a year of muscular discomfort?

  • 4What is an average ins. settlement for auto accident injury? ?

    Almost 2 years ago was hit from behind at stop light with other car hitting me at approx 35 mph. On and off back and neck pain treated by my Doc.with phys. therapy etc. Other driver insured by CSAA. They contacted me recently and asked if I was pursuing injury claim. I dont want to use lawyer and need some advice on how to proceed to settle with them. Thanks.

  • 5Roundabout figure for a car accident injury settlement?

    I was in a car wreck a few months ago and as a result have a shoulder impingement. My treatment is cortizone shots and physical therapy. This could go on for months and i cant partake in daily activities that i used to be able to. I was wondering what settlements numbers look like for this type of case in Tn. I have a lawyer but haven't talked to him yet they are waiting until im done with treatment to put it all together. Just wondered ...if anyone has any ideas its greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • 6Auto accident/personal injury settlement?

    Last July, this car reared me. The police came write up a report. That car is at fault. I went to see chiropractor after this car accident and medical bill total $1500. I did negotiate and ask for $1800 plus medical bills. Asking for $1800 is not too much. The insurance original offer is $200 + medical bills $1500. Insurance reply back to me increase to $500 Here is his email to me: I can increase my offer to $2000 total inclusive of your medical bills, but I will be unable to approach your demand of $1800 plus medical expenses. If you are ready to resolve your claim at this point please let me know and I will send a release to your attention. Should i take this offer? His insurance offer to settle $2000 total inclusive of your medical bills. That's only $500 for pain and suffering. This seems low. Is the insurance low balling me? Is this a fair settlement for soft tissue injuries? This is a Third Party Liability claim. Thank you for your advise.

  • 7After an auto accident, do I need a lawyer to get a settlement for bodily injury?

    I was involved in a car accident where the other party was at fault, and the other parts INS CO already admitted guilt . I only had liability (never again) and my totaled car had a value of $ 13,000 . However, the insured was only covered up to $ 10k, shorting me $ 3k . I have scratches and visible scars on his head from the airbag hitting my glasses . I really just want the value of my car, but if I have to go through lawyer to get property and bodily injury claims over $ 25,000 , after attorney's fees , what's left ? I want to agree with the Ins Co directly .

  • 8What is the average settlement i can get for auto accident injury and suffering?

  • 9Auto accident injury question about medical bills and settlement?

    If my health insurance pay my medical bills and then come to an agreement by the automobile insurance company of the person who hit me , do I have to pay my health insurance company ?

  • 10Personal injury for a auto accident what would be a proper insurance settlement?

    My wife took place off the road by a point ( he was spotted by improper lane change ) no insurance company is going to offer a deal , how much should we be looking for? His vehicle overturned three times (we paid $ 8000 for the KBB value ) your hospital bill was $ 11,000 ( they said they would cover ) which included a visit to the emergency room one night stay . We are fortunate that she has no broken bones or anything physically but had amnesia and a concussion and still has some pain in the neck and was startled when driving especially at night ? We talked to a lawyer , but I did not ask (not sure if it was appropriate to ask how we should be getting ) to just see if anyone knows ? thanks

  • 11Settlement amounts for Personal Injury related to an auto accident for a minor...?

    Does anyone have any advice for a sum of money for a small personal injury? I'm not going to get a lawyer , was considerably lower . The blame is entirely on the other hand , and settled $ 1,200 for me whiplash minor, missed work , etc. ($ 500 of which was for pain and suffering) . We are preparing to decide on the solution of my son . His nose was broken and he had a cut inside his mouth . Your medical bills is about $ 1800, what should I expect for pain and suffering for him ? I do not want to take advantage , but I do not want to take advantage of ... Never done this kind of thing before , so any advice is very welcome ! Thank you all !

  • 12Filing auto accident claim for injury?

    In October 2009 , I was involved in a car accident . Another car hit my car . I injured my knee and had to stay home for four months before returning to work. He never recovered and since February 2011 he was again in pain and had to go to FMLA during the last 3 months and am currently on short term disability . Now my question is related to the filing of the claim against my insurance company ( the person who hit me had no insurance ) . Im preparing all necessary documents for filing the claim once you make up that time . What I want to know is what are the precautions to take to file a claim with my insurance company ? Any do's and do not ?