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QFamily problems- new in law and my own mother?

My brother recently got married and had a son . They were only dating a little less than a year before they became pregnant . Of course , my mom , being that this was her first grandchild , was super excited . She has done everything for them , we've all tried to help as much as we can know hthe baby and her new apartment .

Before my brother met her , my mother had all our cars to its name in the insurance. Even with my brothers bad accident history , she still helped him out and sure under your name . He is now married and his wife does not have a valid New York State . My mother has been asked many times if you have a license , and told my mother did . Finally my mom asked my brother to show him the license and my brother called my mother back and basically said he had none .

My mom freaked out , if she had gotten into an accident with a license could have lost my mother evertyhting property , which is not much to begin with.

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#1ksAnswered at 2013-01-17 01:29:03
the grl have to take and get your license and need to grow your responsobility ur moms not care for them ! ! ! if it was good enough to get a car , you should've had enough respect to atleast have a driver's license driving be4
#2AlviAnswered at 2013-01-25 05:37:41
She would have been in trouble if his brother had an accident , too. If it is not listed as a driver ( and I guess he was neither insurance rates there would have been no casualties ) and had wrecked the car , his mother would have been in a world of trouble .
It was wrong of them to lie to his mother about the woman who has a license. It was also wrong to lie to the insurance company and do things sneaky , underhanded for the sake of saving money. If he had beaten someone else's car , the insurance company would not have covered - who hit the hell would have paid for any type of reimbursement for damages . It could have been you, me , or anyone else with a child . Now , a pregnant woman has no way to get around and soon to be a father has no way of going back and forth to work. She can not pass it over their heads forever . She has to put his car in his name and secure it . Like I should have done long ago.
#3ADAnswered at 2013-02-04 03:34:48
It is hard to deal with a mother to help , then pulls away support . What if the baby is sick or she needs diapers for the child . It's a sad feeling to know that they can not even go to the store . That said, maybe she needed help to get a new DL . It may not have the money . I think your mom or you should ask your brother about this . Think about how terrible the new mother must feel now .
#4collienAnswered at 2013-04-24 20:48:24
yes , very bad
your mother is to ignore
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Family problems- new in law and my own mother?

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