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QBodily Injury Claim Please Help!!!!!?

I was involved in a car accident six months ago.It was my fault 100% . The other car flipped twice as a result . Both vehicles were damaged completely. The insurance claim for property damage to both vehicles is resolved , but the lawyer of the other party is asking $ 125,000.00 for bodily injury both people who are in the other car . the limits of the insurance policy is $ 100,000.00 per person and $ 300,000.00 per occurrence . Is there any possibility that any treatment ? Is it negotiable or we will have to pay the excess staff?

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#1nonyaAnswered at 2012-12-09 23:14:25
You need to hire your own lawyer to send a letter over to the insurance company . Which means that if the insurance company is not negotiating in good faith and not settle within policy limits could be liable in a lawsuit for the excess. Most plaintiffs' lawyers will be installed within the policy limits . And the largest insurance company does not want a law suit in bad faith bargaining . Good Luck .
#2NealaAnswered at 2013-01-09 20:15:12
JUST WHAT YOUR POLICY SAYS NO MORE, IN FRONT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS lawyer trying to make it look like you're working hard for them .......... You can only have 100K ...... opportunity not YOUR SIN . THE COMPANY ......... HE demanding or not. , CO ? ? ? ? ? 100K PER PERSON OR TOTAL FOR BOTH PARTIES ? ? ... WHY YOU SUED BECAUSE OF YOUR GREAT POLICY ............ sold THAT TO YOU FOR YOUR COMMISSION .
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Bodily Injury Claim Please Help!!!!!?

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