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I declared bankruptcy 6 years ago. Can I get a good job after an MBA from a good school? related questions

  • 1I declared bankruptcy 6 years ago. Can I get a good job after an MBA from a good school?

    To make a long story short , I was an idiot as a teenager and went crazy with credit. It ended up in my bankruptcy about 6 years. Since then , I have changed my life and have not had any incidents of bad credit . Now I've been accepted into a good MBA program , but I wonder if it will even be hireable after graduation . I'm reading that a lot of companies do credit checks and automatically disqualify anyone with a bankruptcy . Will I even be able to get a job ? I am wanting to get into something like finance or corporate brand management . My degree was in business, but after graduation I went in another direction for my career . My current career is fine for now , but I can not consider for the long term. I wonder if the MBA would be worth the time and money , or am I doomed in the business world ? Do companies take into account the fact that many years have passed since the bankruptcy ?

  • 2What would be a good topic for an advanced bankruptcy thesis to research and write about for law school?

    I have to research and write a thesis on a topic for a class of bankruptcy law school and am trying to decide on a good topic . It has to be a thesis , not a book report paper type , so do not suggest I write about bankruptcy of GM or something. I'm looking for a theme that is current , preferably within a year or so , but at least after BAPCPA , which still has not been resolved or at least have views or the court is a piece of legislation in the works . I would stick with the issues of the Chapters 7, 11 , or 13 . Links to articles or other materials you have been to discuss the proposed topic is great too . Thanks for the help !

  • 3Is filing bankruptcy really a good option for bad credit when i am only 23 years old?

  • 4Was it good to have let some companies go -bankrupt during the recent economic crisis ? or bailout was good?

    their thoughts , said President Bush did the right thing in rescuing enterprises , banks, AIG , Citi , etc. or if they have been allowed to go bankrupt ? What would have happened ?

  • 5Hi. im 34 years old and in 180.000 dollares monthly payment is 3G p/ bankrupcy a good idea?

    do i keep paying the monthly payment until i pay it off in about 16 years (3000 per month),or do i declair bankrupcy and get it over with?

  • 6I just got a good knock in the chest and i cant hear that good now, i can hear somewhat but its not

    I can not hear well in my ears after I got punched in the chest. I can hear something , but it sounds boring. any idea wuts wrong?

  • 7Can a school loan be declared under Chapter 13?

    I have a student loan in default for the last 8 years. This happened after my ex and I consodlidated our loans . I saw a commerical on TV that said a school loan may be declared in Chapter 13 . Is this true ? ? ? ?

  • 8Would any one tell me where I can find a list of listed companies who declared bankruptcy in the past 3 years?

  • 9Negative items/accounts stay on your credit report for 7 years - but then what happens, you have good credit?

    So I have curious - what happens to your credit after all the negative elements cease to be reported ? Do you have to wipe the slate ? Sounds too good to be true . Also , meanwhile , does look better to potential lenders to see their collection accounts have been paid ? Even if you have gone to collection? I'm trying so hard to fix my credit and do not know where to start ! It's hard to do when you just do not have the funds available to pay it off only ! Any advice ? Can anyone tell me how this works?


    I am a 29 year old new mother. I have 45 hits on my credit score, 38 of those being medical bills. I have one credit card from a few years back, a reposession and student loans, that I am current on. I considered Lexington Law, but am really skeptical on using them. There just isn't anyway that I can afford 500 dollar+ payments a month for 3+ years to clean my credit. I never was taught the importance of credit and made a few small mistakes that have severly damaged my credit score.My brother filed almost 3 years ago and he now has a brand new car, and two credit cards, one that has a 2000 dollar limit. i just want to clean up my score to be able to buy a house , and to provide my son with a better life. PLEASE ONLY REPLY WITH COMMENTS THAT CAN BE HELPFUL. ANY RUDE COMMENTS I WILL FLAG AND REPORT.

  • 11Is bankruptcy a good way to go?

    We live in PA and currently enrolled in a debt reduction program who enrolled in September 08 . Our credit is ruined and we still have three years to go with the program or time , which means that our credit will not improve until the program is over, and you are not paying our credit cards in the program . Fees for the program were quite high and on top of that , when the company negotiates down our department , take an additional 10% on top . Since our credit is already trashed and the debt has not really gone down, we are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy . Is this a good decision ?

  • 12Bankruptcy a good idea?

    I 've lost my job and I'm two months behind on my car note . I'm sure it will take anyday . Also I have other debt that is in collections now , probably totaling about $ 8000. Once my car is repoed 'll have an additional $ 9,000 added to my debt , it takes me about $ 17,000. I think we should declare bankruptcy . I have no income and all this debt . I know my credit will be bad for 10 years , but I do not think I have any other options. I have no money to pay the debt . Does anyone have any advice?