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How do i find a good plumber? related questions

  • 1How do i find a good plumber?

    I have a heck of a leak .... I do not want to get ripped off by a plumber can charge me most .

  • 2How can I find out if the attorney I am about to hire is good and legit?

    How I can know if I'm going to hire lawyer is good and reliable ?

  • 3How can I find a good debt counselor in my area?

    My wife and I are really struggling with credit card debt and two car payments . We are falling behind more and more . One of our friends suggested we go to a debt counselor to try to reduce monthly payments and make some of our accounts . Where I can find a debt counselor local settlement in my area ?

  • 4Where can I find a good personal injury attorney?

    Where I can find a good personal injury lawyer ?

  • 5What are some good websites to find womens snowboarding gear?

    i want bright 13 so i want the gear to be bright. thanks (:

  • 6How can I find a good bankruptcy attorney? Are there any sites where people can review info?

    I live in TN. I've discovered that I'm going to have to file Bankruptcy (Chapter 7). I don't personally know of anyone who has filed Bankruptcy, so I can't ask opinions. I look in the yellow pages &see a slew of attorney's. I have no clue how to pick &I work &don't have the time to have a consultation with every one of them. Is there a website that has information on lawyers, to help in picking one or maybe a site where people can type out their personal reviews of attorney's? Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

  • 7Was it good to have let some companies go -bankrupt during the recent economic crisis ? or bailout was good?

    their thoughts , said President Bush did the right thing in rescuing enterprises , banks, AIG , Citi , etc. or if they have been allowed to go bankrupt ? What would have happened ?

  • 8I declared bankruptcy 6 years ago. Can I get a good job after an MBA from a good school?

    To make a long story short , I was an idiot as a teenager and went crazy with credit. It ended up in my bankruptcy about 6 years. Since then , I have changed my life and have not had any incidents of bad credit . Now I've been accepted into a good MBA program , but I wonder if it will even be hireable after graduation . I'm reading that a lot of companies do credit checks and automatically disqualify anyone with a bankruptcy . Will I even be able to get a job ? I am wanting to get into something like finance or corporate brand management . My degree was in business, but after graduation I went in another direction for my career . My current career is fine for now , but I can not consider for the long term. I wonder if the MBA would be worth the time and money , or am I doomed in the business world ? Do companies take into account the fact that many years have passed since the bankruptcy ?

  • 9I just got a good knock in the chest and i cant hear that good now, i can hear somewhat but its not

    I can not hear well in my ears after I got punched in the chest. I can hear something , but it sounds boring. any idea wuts wrong?

  • 10How do you find out if someone that hit you has insurance?

    the insurance information i was given after someone hit my car turned out to be fake. my insurance company called his company but was told that the policy # does not exist. so is there a way i can find out through DMV or somewhere his true insurance information? if i can't find it, would this qualify as uninsured since i have uninsured drivers coverage? it would waive my deductible and it would pay for the injuries i suffered in the accident but only if he really is uninsured.

  • 11How to find job in America?

    its been over 2 years since i graduated with bachelor degree in mathematics and still no job. I have now even completed master's degree in math and am working on phd from fall onwards. But still no job? What's goin on? I have applied at 987 places since May 2008 and no job. This is unbelievable and crazy sheet going on. I had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy protection too. i fail to understand the reality. help me please. I have a job offer in Australia now for $60000 (US dollars) on work visa. Should i go there or continue looking for work here?

  • 12When should I find a lawyer?

    For help with a personal injury case where my son was beaten by a car on Saturday ? I'm waiting patiently for the accident report , police said they would be ready and mailed on Monday, but have not received it yet. We are not suing the lady , however , is only going to tackle the first insurance company . Should I contact a lawyer right away ? Should I go to the Father D. and ask for the police report ? I am no idea what to do first!