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QHow does American healthcare work?

I'm English , and basically everyone pays , and everyone helped in Social Security ... It's not perfect , but it works ...
But I know that in America you have to pay privately for insurance , and I understand how it works .

Do you have to have insurance by law such as car insurance ? Or is it optional ? If optional , what if you have no insurance , but you are involved in an accident and emergency care bear ? Do you have to pay ? What if you can afford it ?

And prescription drugs are free for children under 18 and pensioners and England ? While eon point wear , do you have state pensions ? If not , how old ... Live ? Do they get free medical care ?

And also , when you have a baby , you got to pay for it ? As for the hospital stay and doctors and midwives ? What does it cost on average to have a child ?

Help me please :)


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How does American healthcare work?

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