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QHow far can you legally go in Boxing using your fists outside the ring can you be an amateur what and what ?

about martial arts How far can legally go I know the black belt can not use their fists outside the ring so that the range can go and use his fists or techniques outside the ring ?

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#1Zach KetchupAnswered at 2013-01-27 01:28:42
Everyone has the right to self-defense . It can defend an imminent threat with appropriate force .
#2DianaAnswered at 2013-03-14 02:15:10
Guess what ... is illegal for an inexperienced amateur to use his fists outside the ring, and ... It's called the battery, or Assault in some states ... depends. Being a trained fighter or a black belt is no different. It comes down to a reasonable use of force, if a man is defending his background will only come into play if something is on the line or someone dies. For example .. Drunk approaches Floyd Mayweather in a bar, talking blow pushes and takes a swing at the PBF, PBF then throws a hook and leaves out. The police come, witness statements cooraberate Mayweather .. then no harm no foul defense, yes. If it comes to Mayweather drunk, and he throws a hook, plays the boy on the floor, then gets on top of him, hits the hamburger meat, then stands up and kicks him several times as he walks .. The police arrive. Mayweather obviously was above and beyond what is reasonable force to stop the threat, and therefore is arrested, and his professional boxing training certainly be used against him at trial because it shows that he knew what he was doing . The same applies to Joe Black belt. (JBB from here). JBB is walking to his car after a meeting in the bar, drunk picks a fight, takes a swing. JBB blocks, throws the drunk on the floor, and walks away, or accountants drunk and leaves ... same as Floyd Mayweather. He used a small amount of force to defend themselves. Right now the situation .. JBB defends drunk grabbing arm, applying an arm / wrist lock and breaks something, knees drunk in the balls, hit him in the trachea, then soccer kicks when drunk on the floor ... again be arrested, and training will play against him (always foolish enough to talk about it). Even if you avoid going to jail, could be sued by the victim, same for PBF. Now ... the line is blurred and there is a lot of speculation and local laws come into play with these things .. For example, untrained bob, gets into this same altercation, fight with the drunk, fall down and break your neck somehow bob drunk guys. Because Bob is not intended to, and limited experience is more than likely going to be fine from the criminal point of view, he defended himself and obviously breaking the neck was an accident. In case if a black belt or senior person or self defense soldier had to, there is a good chance that, because of their knowledge of how to fight the break of the neck would be seen as intentional, that he knew what I was doing, and would face some jail time serious ... It is the intention and use of force. With the least amount of force possible to avoid personal risk. This goes for everyone. Boxers, wrestlers trained black belts, etc do not have to register as weapons, or have some kind of thing you saw them in the court of law. They just have a better understanding of what the intention is viewed. that is, if someone is seriously injured, obviously someone who has trained in hurting people is easier to think of as having done intentionally (ie knew that was causing severe damage and that was his intention) against someone without training (just trying to defend himself, he had no knowledge of a particular technique and finding no serious harm someone just to protect themselves). That's where it really comes into play. Everything else is fiction.
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How far can you legally go in Boxing using your fists outside the ring can you be an amateur what and what ?

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