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QCar accident dream interpretation?

Last night I dreamed I was in a car accident . I was driving down a street near my house when I went to turn on another street . When I turned to the street suddenly I realized that it was one way and I went the wrong way . At the same time , another car going the right way in the street , appeared and hit them ( they probably hit me anyway, because the street was to go one way , I would have thrown in traffic anyway . ) My car mounted the median, and theirs went out I was busy becoming a six car pileup caused . Out of nowhere appeared the police . They took us all to a random location ( inside was all white ) and started asking about the accident , but no one asked me anything . When I finally caught my attention enough to talk to me of someone who was getting my name wrong and ignoring that had caused the accident . I was physically unharmed . The guy I met was in critical condition , and the rest are unknown . I was very upset to have caused the accident , but no one wanted to hear that I had done. Finally , only all together and took us all to the hospital in a helicopter , despite the injury . Then I woke up . The dream itself was very detailed and realistic . To my knowledge , there was no color in the dream or anything, but I dream weird anyway. Do not dream images or an image in my mind , is more like a running dialogue that is somehow real?

Could someone tell me the meaning of this dream ? I looked up accidents in the dictionary of dream, but they are all very generalized .

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#1JelaniAnswered at 2014-04-09 06:58:16
Have you ever been in one?

I dreamt about mine, once, and I actually did, just blocks away from where my house and dream was.

Sometimes, it's the opposite of my dream.
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Car accident dream interpretation?

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