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QLooking for good Anime And Manga?

I'm looking for anime or manga that has these two genres ?

- Reverse Harem (when most of the characters are men , and there are usually only one or two characters girl)
- School of Life ( anime that occurs during school )

I've seen Ouran High School Host Club , but if there is any anime like it, please suggest them!

Thank you.

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#1MaKalyaAnswered at 2012-12-03 15:10:29
shakugan no shana Kaichou wa sama cleaning Rockin Heaven
#2charriseAnswered at 2012-12-03 21:38:44
Prince of Tennis ( Omg there are more than enough men here , seriously ) Hikaru no Go Special A (I think it is a bit balanced between men and women )
#3AkhmedAnswered at 2012-12-08 18:20:45
address these many of my suggestions have both reverse harem school life theme : Kaichou wa Maid- sama ( TE MOST READ THE MANGA AND ANIME SEE ) ITS comedy , romance ,
SCHOOL LIFE Hana kimi , if you've read the manga you have probably seen the Japanese or Taiwanese tv- drama ( Both) Hana yori dango ( have both issues ) ( manga and anime ) School Rumble ( TV ) , more fun to watch Rockin Heaven contains both topics Karo Kano ( school life , ROMANCE , COMEDY ) you should read the manga and watch the anime , and Houou Gakuen MisoragumiI ( R , Harem , school life , comedy ) Kimi ni Todoke ( romance , drama , school life ) more watch the anime so beautifully drawn visual Five ( BOTH ) Special A ( both manga and anime ) Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta Oyayubi kara Romance / Magic Touch K -on - (manga and anime ) second season , titled K -On! with two exclamation marks Otomen - Otomen Odd Couple is a novel with a twist. There is a Japanese television series adapted from the manga .
#4' No library stack Nian . remember -Answered at 2012-12-17 02:42:06
~ Neo Angelique Abyss - more action and comedy, romance little * The story takes place in a fictional world called Arcadia, where life monsters called Thanatos plague draining the population. The only ones who have the power to exterminate these creatures are Purifiers, but there are only a few. One day, Angelique, who is just a normal school girl, presumably to attend, is visited by Nyx, rich gentlemen, as well as a purifier, which created an organization of Purifiers dedicated to eliminating Thanatos. Nyx is interested in the potential power that possesses and invites her to join his organization. She just joined the organization and on the way meets four hot guys. Together they fight the thantos and help save the world from evil. ~ Saiunkoku Monogatari - fantasy, romantic comedy * Set in the fictional empire of Saiunkoku, the story centers on Shurei Kou, a descendant of a noble family that has fallen on hard times.Her father works as a librarian in the Imperial palace, a post which offers prestige and respect, but little compensation . Shurei teaches in the temple school and works odd jobs to make a living, but his dream is to pass the imperial examinations and take a post in government, a path forbidden to women. The growing relationship details Shurei history with the Emperor and other members of the court, the intrigues of imperial politics, and her commitment to improving themselves and their country. ~ Vampire Knight - action, romance, supernatural * Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their bedroom, intersect with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, there to protect the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires. Yuki also has the biggest crush on one of the vampires, Kaname. ~ Fruits Basket - supernatural romantic comedy * When the mother of a high school student Tohru Honda, died in a car accident, Tohru begins living in a tent and supporting herself. That is, until he finds a home in the least likely of places, inhabited by her classmate Yuki Sohma and his cousins ​​Shigure and Kyo. She soon discovers that Sohmas live with a curse. Each family member is possessed by spirits of the Chinese zodiac and can become your animal zodiac. Tohru presence soon becomes a positive influence on those possessed by the zodiac. It aims to break the curse, and just changed the Sohma clan forever. ~ Itazura Na Kiss-romance, drama, comedy, a bit of school life - one of my favorites-
* Kotoko, a high school girl, finally tells a senior member named Naoki that she has loved him since I saw him on their first day of school. However, Naoki, a handsome, intelligent, talented, immediately rejects. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake house ruins Kotoko's family. While the house is rebuilt, Kotoko and her dad stay at the home of childhood friend of his father whose son is ... Naoki. The face many challenges together and fall in love.
~ Peach Girl - school life, romantic comedy
~ Special A - school life, romantic comedy These do not fit in their categories, but they are really good too ~ Skip Beat - comedy, partial romance - one of my personal favorites-
Kyoko Mogami * followed his "true love", Sho, to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But now that he's famous, he has thrown in! Kyoko will not suffer in silence, she is going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz! Upon entering showbiz meets Ren, a famous actor, and gradually develop a strong bond. ~ Paradise Kiss - romance, drama ~ Wolf and Spice - romance, fantasy ~ Valkyria Chronicles - action, romance, fantasy, heorine
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