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I was involved in a car accident six months ago and the reason I 've got a lawyer until now is because I thought I could close this deal on my own, but again fired because I get so frustrated with the car insurance person who hit me. i have lesions on my arm perminent they wont extend to the end because I dislocated elbow ...... soo , I called a lawyer for a couple of days and I felt very comfortable because he told me not to worry and I have nothing to do with the car insurance company over , he says he's taking care of it ..... ... he is charging 1/3 of the resolution , so I do not know is that a reasonable fee ..... plz help thanks soo much for reading

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#1joanaAnswered at 2012-12-06 14:40:21
A third part of the solution , plus costs , is pretty standard. In fact , it is to the far right of the standard , with quite a few lawyers get 40 percent.
#2dustin hillAnswered at 2012-12-13 08:41:38
Loni , most states have laws that only a lawyer can charge a sure my state is fourth of total amount.the first visit is free, and will be charged for visits after if I think third is probably fair price.but just because he can call you saying that the insurance is willing to established that you need to take it.They try to buy low, so it was only continue resisting until your lawyer get the shape you want . he will tell you that the insurance company has a limit on the amount you pay.they not, but they want to resolve court.make go to court and the court hearing insurance can make a final offer , and your lawyer will hearing your attorney ask for the agreed amount and the judge will ask if you are satisfied and says yes .
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Should i hire this Lawyer?

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