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QIs my mother that cruel?

About 2 days I called my sister and she said her brother 15 years old , suffered a motorcycle accident and needs surgery . Well his family lives in the Philippines and she has been sending money to help his father is dead and her mother has had two heartattacks in the last year .

She told me she was working all days and times of my brother been cut and will rest more days of working . She asked him to get a second job to help pay for the surgery and he refused.

Now I was telling this to my mom and she went on a rant about how he should not have to pay for your family .... WTF ? I never said I had to pay for his family , but at least it should be decent enough to help ...

I do not understand at all. She defends him no matter what he does , even when he hit her in the coke ... But really how can you defend someone who is so cruel as to let the brother of his wife sitting in a hospital with his leg bone stcking ?

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#1FauziAnswered at 2013-02-09 15:58:37
This probably is not the first time the woman's family has needed money , and is expected to
#2joe jonasAnswered at 2013-03-25 14:36:34
yup it is, it's family I mean come on!
#3HHHHHEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!Answered at 2014-02-15 17:41:10
(((hug)))))))))) Drugs do some fuuuck up **** to person just be there for your sis in law and pray ((((((((hug)))))))

Mom's can be cruel believe me my mom is worse
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Is my mother that cruel?

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