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QIf you were to get hit by a cop car or you walk in front of their car?

So just be very curious lately , if someone passes in front of a police car when its movement or walk in front of your car and get beaten , what would happen to the person . Now I'm not talking about going in front of a police car is moving fast, but maybe in a parking lot or something , get it !

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#1essenceAnswered at 2013-02-03 10:00:57
#2HeatheAnswered at 2013-03-27 00:11:41
is fine for jaywalking .
#3AndreAnswered at 2014-05-07 22:07:55
The same thing that would happen if you walked out in front of any other car. You'd get hurt and you'd be responsible for any damages to the car. I know many people actually believe that old urban legend about pedestrian's always having the right of way....but that's VERY wrong. Pedestrians actually NEVER have the right of way except in a very few situations. Pretty much unless you're in a marked crosswalk (and have a green walk signal if there is a signal) or on a sidewalk you do not have the right of way. In a parking lot like you describe traffic laws typically don't apply in most states. So if you just "walk in front" of a moving car you would absolutely be at fault. With it being a police car they'd probably actually be able to prove it was your fault too, since most police cars now have in car video cameras and many of them are now digital. So when the camera is activated they can be programmed to go back into the memory and actually record the last 30 seconds or minute before the camera was even turned on.

I don't know where Badge203 works. But we never call in another agency to investigate our accidents, even fatal accidents. I work for a county agency though. If we happen to be inside the city limits when the accident happens we'll usually just have the city PD investigate it. Other than that, we have never called in the state. And in my state it is actually illegal for an on duty officer to receive a citation. Any charges brought against any on duty officer, for any offense that occured on duty even a traffic offense, must be indicted by a grand jury and heard by a superior court judge.
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If you were to get hit by a cop car or you walk in front of their car?

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