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Should I accept the first offer of a car accident settlement? related questions

  • 1Should I accept the first offer of a car accident settlement?

    I do not know if lawyers always say take the first offer , as it is easier for them and too much work for negiotiate more .

  • 2Can I accept accept a settlement from an insurance co. and sue the person responible for the rest?

    Two of my cars that hit while parked at his home by a drunk driver and co -insurance. only has $ 5,000 to spend on this accident my car was decleared a total loss and I am waiting to hear of a stroke adjuster . My car is worth according to KBB , Edmunds and NADA at least $ 4500 my husband car will have $ 1,600 to fix . If no settlement that Losse accept my right to sue her?

  • 3I get job offer for $32,000 an year. Should I accept or reject?

    I have bachelor of science in mathematics (May 2008). For over 2 years I could never find any job. I applied a lot but never heard back from the places I applied. I recently filed chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Surprisingly, I heard back from an employer who called me for interview 17 months back. After 17 months of interview they say they will offer $32,000 an year full time job. However, my friend also has bachelor of science in mathematics and he got job offer for $47,000 an year with the same GPA I have. I find this outrageous that he is paid $15,000 more for same degree, same GPA and same work experience (i.e. no professional work experience except hourly jobs). So I feel i'm being discriminated against. He works in different company. Should I ask for $48,000 an year and reject if they don't agree? Also I don't like the fact that i was interviewed 17 months back, but decision to hire is made now.

  • 4Should I accept first offer from insurance company for whiplash injury?

    I got a letter from the solicitors my insurance company assigned me to deal with an injury claim after a car accident that was the other persons fault. Finally after 10 months I've got an offer, but it's about 20% less than what the doctor valued my whiplash as. My solicitors seem to imply that I should accept this, and that the only alternative is to start court proceedings, that this would take a long time, and I probably wouldn't get much more anyway. What should I do?

  • 524/7 claims company does not want to repair my car and i dont want to accept offer can they force me?

    are saying damage to my car was in a previous accident and my car was a cat , but I c How mot done and I asked why not put it in my logbook was a cat ci brought the car owner in good faith This does not know it was a cat c for 4500 and 6000 spent on mods , but says people tryin to give me 795 cash only in solving lou have not accepted , but we are saying that u want sent the check back courtesy car even though I have not accepted what they are really trying to force me to make money even though it was not my fault yhat can do ?

  • 6Should I take the settlement offer?

    A family member recently died in a car accident . The driver of the other vehicle was determined to be 100 % at fault . Your insurance company has offered us the full amount of your liability coverage for bodily injury settlement. Everywhere I look I see insurance companies low-ball their first offer . But this is the total limit . Should we accept this offer , or the insurance company may be holding you back ?

  • 7What type of attorney do I need to hire to get a settlement offer?

    I have a 2nd mortgage, now with a collection agency. I need to a settle, but collection agency didn't agree with the offers I made. I'm in California, and my 1st mortgage is much higher than the property value. Who can help me to get a settlement offer? What type of attorney, do I have to hire to get a settlement.? Is Bankruptcy (Chapter 13) the only option, to eliminate the debt? After loosing my job, I fall behind my mortgage payments.With current income I only can afford to pay my 1st mortgage. Pls. can someone advise me what I should do. I'm really struggling, and worried over this.

  • 8If i have an attorney and im offer a settlement but i deserve more what should i do legally?

    settlement offer from car accident, but want and deserve more.

  • 9Full &Final Settlement Offer: UK Debt?

    Hello, I need some debt counseling! I'm in the UK. I am aware of organizations like CCCS, so no need to get in touch with them. I just wanted to get some advice from the Yahoo community. My situation: I am in default of a large amount of personal debt. I have not paid to creditors (professional student loan, and some credit cards) for about 1 1/2 years. I have not signed any agreement with them debt management. Basically just stopped paying and then ignored all phone calls and letters from them. Due to the recession I am earning much less (and sometimes not working at all), so I would not have been able to make the payments, even symbolic to them. Therefore, do not bother. Now, because of an inheritance in another country, I'm in a position where you could pay about 1/3 of the debt. However, I really do not want! What I like to do is that each creditor an offer of full and final payment, if accepted, would mean that mark the debt as "settled" in my credit report and was not pursued for more payments. I know this is not going to wipe the slate clean, as future creditors will see that I default, but at least it's better than bankruptcy. My question is: What is the lowest offer I could do? 10%? I would keep some of the money from his inheritance! We will never know about inheritance, because I'm saving to a foreign bank account in my name. For those of you surprised by my lack of honesty, good, there are much worse happens. I do not steal the taxpayer for billions, or sell subprime, or take multi-million pound bonuses even when my bank was losing money. Just silly (with credit card debt) and was the victim of a bad time (do a professional course in the face just before the onset of the recession).

  • 10I am getting an offer on a accident claim tomorrow....any suggestions?

  • 11Is this offer for pain and suffering from an automobile accident acceptable?

    Hello, I was involved in a car accident about 4 months ago. I was stopped at a light when he was rear ended by another car traveling 35-40 mph according to the other driver. A police officer witnessed the accident and taken to the police report. The damage to my car was $ 8500 and the car was totaled. I was reimbursed for the vehicle and rental rates. Experienced lower back and neck pain after 2-3 days after the accident. The next working day I went to a chiropractor. I therapy for 3 months to 3 times per week. I was originally in a lot of pain, but the pain became manageable discomfort over time and made no progress after that. The doctor told me I was ready to be discharged from treatment. I recently received an offer from the insurance company. They offered to pay my medical bills just under $ 4500, and offered $ 1,000 for pain and suffering. I thought it was a reasonable offer for pain and suffering. I feel the pain I suffered was caused by the accident, inconvenience this whole ordeal has had (pain, roundtrip time therapy, fuel, etc.), in relation to future back problems that may develop over $ 1000 worth . I told the adjuster how I felt and I was offered a couple hundred dollars more. I was told that is the only thing I could offer, because it was a soft tissue injury and that's what a jury awarded me. I originally did not hire a lawyer because I do not want to wait forever to get a higher amount only to have to turn around and pay the difference to the attorney making it almost as much income for me. What I can do? Should I get a lawyer? Any advice, recommendations or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Oklahoma location and Farmers Insurance Company. I thought I would include that in case there was any state law or company policy that could affect anything. Thank you.

  • 12Is it illegal to offer some one money instead of reporting to car insurance after a car accident?

    Just wondering